Paese Bronzer & rouge

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    I've talked about shading, highlighter and blush in so many previous posts that you'm probably tired of it already? :)

    But I thought I had to show you how nice, and above all how big a difference, it can be with Paese's relatively new products on - Paese Bronzing Powder and Paese Powder Blush!


    In the pre-image, I have a full-coverage base, which makes the face look flat and lifeless without any more color. In the after-picture I have bronzer in the shade 1M and blush in the shade 40P, and then I have much more shapes and life in the face :)


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    The blush costs SEK 59 and the bronzing powder costs SEK 159, and both are available, as I said


    This is how I usually apply on my face! You can conjure a lot with sun powder to reshape the face and make certain parts narrower / wider, but I do not focus on any particular area but work mostly on highlighting the face shapes I already have.

    Jawbone tips:
    I like when my jawbones are quite clear, so I usually do not apply bronzer on them because it softens the shapes a bit and makes them look rounder. So in that area I just apply on the sides of the chin, and then I jump over the jaw and apply on the sides of the neck and under the chin.

    Cheekbone tips:
    It is very popular to emphasize your cheekbones with bronzer, but a common detail that I see very often, and which actually has the opposite effect, is that you apply the bronzer too high up. Then you "push" down the cheekbones instead and make them look smaller. If you want high and sharp cheekbones, it is better to apply just below the cheekbone, not on.

    The blush on the other hand can be applied higher up, because it does not give as much effect on the shape but gives more color and life to the face!

    Boiler tips:
    From the cheekbones, I usually continue with the bronzer up along the temples, and in the temples you can afford to apply quite a lot without it looking strange - good trick if you want a lot of effect. Then I usually tone up the bronzer on the sides of the forehead as well, and here it is important to be light on hand not to have too much product on the brush if you want a natural result.

    Nose tips:
    I usually use the same brush for the nose as for the rest of the face, and just lightly swipe on the sides of the bridge of the nose. If, on the other hand, you want more effect, e.g. to make the nose narrower or wider, a smaller brush is recommended (but still one that is fluffy) because then you get more precision and have more control.


    Hope you were inspired by the pictures and that the tips were helpful! Shout out if you have any questions :)

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    Kiss! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


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