Oriflame The ONE 5-in-1 WonderLash Mascara

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Oriflame's popular mascara ”Wonderlash mascaraHas been relatively recently renewed and is now included in The ONE series. I liked their previous mascara, it was one of my favorites actually, and have now also tested the new variant :)


Here you see the result!

Just like with the previous version, I mainly love the separation (!) But it also gives a nice bend and length. Two thumbs up! And to be honest, I do not immediately notice any difference between the old and the new actually.


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I must honestly say that I do not know exactly what differs apart from the packaging, but I have understood it as if the sleeve and the formula are changed, but the brush is at least the same as before - a rubber brush with small spikes on one side and longer on Other.

I think the brush is really good, I prefer most often rubber brushes that comb the lashes, and it really does. This one accesses all lashes, even inside the corner of the eye.

oriflame-The-ONE-5-in-1-WonderLash-Mascara The mascara costs SEK 159 and is available for purchase online Oriflame.se!

The-ONE-5-in-1-WonderLash-Mascara images

The only negative is that it smears a little on the brow bone if you get oily during the day. Not as much as some may do, but a little.

Any of you who have also tested and like this one? :)

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