Palina Drama Queen Mascara

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I got home a small package from a while ago, and there it was, among other things Palina Drama Queen Mascara which is said to be Palina's biggest sales success ever!

The mascara promises the following properties:
* Make the lashes beautifully shaped / curved
* Intense blackness with shine
* Separates the lashes
* Maximum volume and gloss
* Lump-free result


Surely the sleeve itself is super nice? :) Feels luxurious!

The mascara actually costs SEK 235, but I now see that actually has a discount so there it only costs 175 kroner at the moment.

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The breasts
When I opened and saw the brush, I thought "no what a pity" for these kinds of brushes, I usually do not be so much for, big and sticky. My lashes are difficult to separate, they like to stick together, and then brushes like this usually give a little cobweb effect. But to my surprise, it actually separates well anyway! :)

It is not a rubber brush separation directly, but for you who like volume and fullness, I think it has a reasonable separating effect, especially for you who do not have the same problem as me with your lashes.

One layer is enough for an intense black result, and you can work with the brush without lumps or too much mascara on the lashes. The brush is very large, so for you with small eyes and / or very short lashes, it can probably be a little difficult to work with, but for me it works well. A little difficult for the lower lashes perhaps. It is quick to apply and looks great!

The mascara bends the lashes well even without eyelash curlers, but not as well as with curlers, and gives a nice volume and fullness without becoming too much. You get a nice and classic result that does not become clumsy or spider-like even though you get volume. The formula feels light on the lashes, and they are still soft and flexible, neither hard nor sticky.

The durability is great, it keeps the lashes curved and I experience neither smudges nor crumbs during the day!


Here you see how big the brush is compared to my eye.


Conclusion - This is a good volume mascara for you who like full and curved eyelashes. It lasts well all day and is intensely carbon black and stylish. No wow effect that many volume mascaras give, but I think it is positive because the result is fuller in a more discreet way than if you have a lot of mascara on the lashes!

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I personally prefer mascaras that give more length and above all separation, so I probably would not spend 235 kroner on this, but I think many of you will think it is super good!

Hug ♥

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Helena Amiley
I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


  1. Hi. When I read your post about the mascara, I sent for it immediately. And what mascara then, very satisfied. Must also take the opportunity to praise your blog, you are so good at being so young. And all the tips that we readers get , top.have a nice weekend, hugs :)

  2. Hello Hello! I do not like big brushes either but the mascara seems ok! Speaking of eyes …… would be great / fun if you could recommend or do a test of an eye cream. Preferably one that suits someone like me = approaching 50! Or one that suits everyone :) Hello and thank you for me. Can't get enough of your blog :)

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