Highlighter with Glow - Pixi Glow-Y Powder

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    Pixi Glow-Y Powder has become a real favorite with our makeup artists at the salon, you would have seen how happy Ämma was (who has a very light skin tone) that the shade London Luster works great for her super light skin :)

    Look so nice:

    What is Pixi Glow-Y Powder?
    Highlighters that give the skin a beautiful glow and highlight your facial features. You can either apply a little for a discreet glow or more for a radiant glow!

    The formula is a velvety powder that is easy to wrap on the skin.

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    London Luster suits you with very light skin.

    Santorini Sunset is warmer in tone and suits you who want a more golden glow.

    Rome Rose is the perfect peach tone with a golden luster and fits alone as a blush, over another blush or thin all over the face for those who want more color and life.

    A swatch image that shows more clearly how the shades are on the skin. Surely they are nice?

    You don't really apply this intensely to the face, but as a nice lightening to the eye shadows, it works gallantly to add a little more :)

    For a simple application I recommend Nanshy Fan Brush! It is perfect for applying highlighters both in large areas and in areas that require more precision.

    Swipe on in the high parts of the face, or just on the cheekbones. Great on the tip of the nose, forehead, chin, collarbones and shoulders.

    The shade Rome Rose becomes a mild pink tone if you swipe a little, you have a dull / dull complexion so you swipe a little in the rest of the face also for a more vibrant skin tone. You can apply more and use it as a regular blush or swipe thinly over your regular blush to get a little more peach-golden glow, then a regular blush brush works, Nanshy Blush Brush, great.

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    Above you see the shade Santorini Sunset on the cheekbones. The darker under the highlighter is just a natural shadow of my cheekbone because I shoot a lot from above, I have not added any contouring shadow.

    The highlighter blends well into the skin and gives a lot of effect without looking glittery.

    And here I have put Rome Rose as blush in the middle of the cheeks and Santorini Sunset is higher up on the cheekbone. It is difficult to capture the luster in the picture but the cheekbones are very nicely glowy and a lovely color!

    I put quite a lot of Rome Rose to bring out the shade clearly in the picture, but you can vary how much you put off the one I wrote later in the post :)

    Two thumbs up, can really recommend these!


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