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    If you have a dry, dull and lifeless complexion, which is more the rule than the exception this season, then Pixi Illuminating Tint & Conceal an absolutely wonderful product! Which I skewed about a few days ago :)

    This is a colored day cream and a concealer in the same product, perfect if you have a fairly even complexion, with only small areas to cover or lighten up. And it also gives the skin a radiant glow!


    Miska likes this a lot!

    In the tube there is colored day cream with light-reflecting pigment and spf 20. And in the lid there is a full-coverage concealer.

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    colored-day cream-men

    Nice luster, brightened under the eyes and his small (almost healed) blemishes on the left cheek are enchanted :)

    Miska has the shade Bare Glow in the picture, it is a little darker than his skin tone but if you lubricate a little on the neck as well and have a long-sleeved shirt, it's just nice to get a little darker skin too :) It looks very natural with colored day cream if one compares with a too dark solid foundation.

    The shades themselves otherwise adapt well to the skin tone because the colored day cream is not particularly opaque. If you are unsure, it is better to choose a little too light (if you do not want to get a little darker on purpose) because the concealer is nice to have to lighten under the eyes and in other dark areas, so then it is better with a little, a little brighter :)


    Nice, is not it? :) He looks unmade up, but at the same time incredibly smooth and above all a fresh and lively complexion!

    And the concealer is very effective, so you do not need to have really as fine skin before as Miska has naturally, to get a nice result. As the concealer is very effective against pimples and dark circles under the eyes.

    Shout out if you have any questions. And if you want to read more or shop, you will find Pixi as usual HERE!

    Hug from me and Miska ♥

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