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    Hi fine ni!

    Have you had time to see my make-up video that I posted this morning yet? :) There you can clearly see how I use Pixi's multi-product Lid & Line which is a pencil / shadow / sweeping tool that you can do both everyday make-up and party make-up with. I love them!

    Now I also thought to make a written post about them for those of you who prefer to read, and show a little more pictures. Hope it is appreciated :) Several of the shades are sold out at the moment but I will order a new one very soon.
    Here you can clearly see how the pen is designed, one end with eyeliner, one with eye shadow and one with a clean fading thing that you can blur the edges with for a nice fading. And when you put it together, it looks like a regular pencil. Simple, practical and stylish!

    Always prime with eyeshadow primer, I use Pixi Eye Bright primer
    2. Paint with the eye shadow on the entire eyelid
    3. Fade the edges with the fade end
    4. Paint with the eyeliner along the upper or both upper and lower lash line for a more intense and framed look


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    Here are the three shades I have had so far in the webshop! Smokey black, Smokey olive and Smokey mink. There is a brown one too but it was out of stock at the distributor so I did not get it home at all, and the green one is sold out. But as I said, there will be a refill soon.

    In this swatch pictures, you see the eyeliner pencils at the top, the ones that are painted sharply, and the dots below are the eye shadow.

    Here are a bunch of makeups done with Pixi Lid & Line:





    click here then you will come to all posts with make-up done with Pixi Lid & Line.

    And like I said, check out mine previous posts if you want to see a video on how I use this product :)

    Hug! ♥

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    Helena Amileyhttps://www.imakeyousmile.se
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hi. Nice make-up! But what you do is always nice.
      I have a question that does not have to do with the post that I would like to know how you succeed with your very nice curls.
      Can't you post about it? There are certainly many of us who want to know.
      Know that you've had it sometime long ago but will not find it again.

      Hugs to you :)

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