Pixi on Byher.se!

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    Several of you guessed right in yesterday's blog post, the new brand that is now in the webshop is Pixi !! :)

    So now Pixi in Sweden is also on Byher.se, and I absolutely love this brand! Natural, caring, nice and at the same time practical, simple and smart products that have really high quality and are absolutely wonderful to work with.

    Some products were sold out at the distributor so I have started with their basic products such as base makeup, pencils and eyeshadow primer, but I will bring in more of the range as soon as possible. There is nothing from Pixi that I do not like, and a bird has whispered in my ear that their news for the autumn will be really awesome too :)

    I will show more detailed posts about the Pixi products shortly. For now, you can read, watch and buy the products here!


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    So nice packaging ♥

    And in addition to this, I can also mention now that I have received home refills of both Paese and Sanctum as well! So you have been waiting for some product to come into stock again so go in and have a look now :)

    Out-of-stock products that you will find again include Paese Makeup Base Matte, Sanctum on the spot, Paese Automatic eyeliner (black glam), Paese Diamond eyeshadow in the light shades, and the new Paese Liquid Eyeliner which sold out immediately.

    Shout out if you have any questions! : *

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