Pixi Pat Away Concealing Base

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    Here are before and after pictures, swatch on the shades and the whole review on Pixi Pat Away Concealing Base which is a novelty in my webshop!

    Pixi Pat Away Concealing Base has become the new favorite of our makeup artists at the salon! ”Pixi's new concealer is really SO good!Was a standing comment when I came to work after we started putting this to the test :)

    I got this as a press test before it came to Sweden because I was at Pixi's event (read about it in this post) and tested it on my hand on the train on the way home and even then I was impressed with the formula and how nice it turned out on the skin!

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    What is the Pixi Pat Away Concealing Base?
    A creamy, liquid concealer in 3 different shades. The formula is incredibly thick, a thin layer gives a high coverage - which makes this an exemplary concealer on the thin skin under the eyes. The result is a natural and smooth skin with high coverage. Contains protective antioxidants. Long shelf life and lasts from morning to evening.

    It is difficult to find a concealer that provides such good coverage, smoothes the skin (think the pores look smaller where I put this too!) And at the same time gives a natural result that lasts a long time and is easy to apply. All those properties have this concealer! Full pot in other words! :)

    The applicator is wide with soft fibers that provide a quick and even coverage both of dark circles under the eyes and in larger areas such as acne scars, blemishes and pigmentation.

    Apply, dab with your fingertip, then it's ready!

    Which shade to choose?
    A liquid concealer is a good and effective way to lighten up under the eyes, then I recommend choosing a shade that is a little lighter than your own skin tone. But if you want to work more with the covering properties such as make-up over pimples, redness and acne scars, it is better to choose a shade that matches your own skin tone.

    Cream suitable for people with very light skin (perfect for people who have difficulty finding sufficiently light concealers)
    Nude suits you with light skin with a little warmth.
    Warm suits you with medium light, warm skin or if you have a medium skin tone and want an enlightening concealer under the eyes.

    The principle is simple - just apply and dab with your fingertips! I always recommend fixing all creamy concealers with powder for as lasting a result as possible.

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    On blemishes: Put a dab of concealer on the pimple, spread with your finger to make the concealer blend in with the skin. Put a little more concealer right in the middle of the pimple for extra coverage and let it dry. Fix with pillows.

    Lighten up under the eyes: Apply with the applicator and dab with your fingertip. Quick and easy! If you have a lot of depth under the eyes, I just apply concealer (or thicker layer) right where the skin goes inwards, to lighten the depth. For those of you who just want to lighten up to look more alert, you can instead put on a larger area under the eye and go down a bit like a triangle down to the nostril:

    Larger, smoother areas such as redness, pigmentation, acne scars: The wide applicator and the incredibly expensive formula make it super easy to use the concealer even on large areas, which I think is worth its weight in gold. Apply with the applicator and spread with your fingertip, so easy!

    Apply before or after foundation?
    It is a matter of taste if you like to apply concealer before or after foundation, and also depends a bit on what type of foundation you have.

    I recommend applying the concealer before foundation if you:

    • Uses mineral foundation or other foundation with matte texture.
    • Uses a foundation that easily melts into the skin or that can be dabbed over the areas with the concealer (because if you massage in / work into the foundation with sweeping movements, the concealer underneath can be smeared out)

    I recommend applying concealer after foundation if you:

    • Want a lightened result under the eyes, otherwise you will darken it again if you put your perfect skin-matching foundation over the light concealer.
    • Easier to want to be able to see exactly how much concealer you need and not happen to take too much. When you apply the concealer before, you can easily stare blindly at the fact that something is shining through and do not think that there will also be a covering foundation over it. An overuse of concealer gives a less natural result and in addition you waste product so it is also an economic issue.
    • Has a foundation that needs to be worked into the skin a lot. Then you can easily accidentally smear / pull off the concealer you put in while you work in your foundation. Then it is better to work in the foundation first and then dab on the concealer afterwards.

    In the picture above you see my skin after just the concealer, but then I have to apply on a fairly large area on the jaw part where I have a lot of small pimples and acne scars and then on both pimples and under the eyes. So I hardly needed to have foundation afterwards!

    As you can see, the result is very natural. The concealer melts into the skin and becomes even and fine - and at the same time really good coverage.

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    Here you see close-up under the eyes, I do not have much darkness under the eye but want to show you before and after anyway to show how naturally the concealer settles even on the thin skin under the eyes.

    And if you want to brighten up even more under the eyes and get a comprehensive result, it also works great! Choose a lighter shade than your own skin tone and apply a little thicker layer (a thin layer is still enough for a lot of coverage, by thick I mean "less thin" really). With foundation and the rest of the base make-up in place then it will be great.

    I have the shade Cream in the pictures in this post.

    Summary - For SEK 249, you get an incredibly easy-to-apply, liquid concealer that provides a high degree of coverage and a natural result that works on all areas of the face. Available for purchase at Creativemakeup.se!

    Hug ♥

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    Helena Amileyhttps://www.imakeyousmile.se
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Got this product home yesterday and I'm in love! :) The best I've tried in a long time! The product really lives up to its promise and really lives up to the tribute! So; THANK YOU for the tip Helena! Hug! <3 / Sofie

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