Internship at Creative Make Up

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    When I mentioned my internship at Creative Make Up in yesterday's eyebrow post, I got this question that I thought I would answer in a post if more people are curious:
    “When did you practice? Or rather, why? What did you read? ”

    It was only a week in high school actually :) During high school you have some weeks of internship, and one of those weeks I was at Creative Make Up in Uppsala and that was when I started to get to know Annika who has done my cosmetic tattoos!

    Two of my sisters had tattooed themselves at her salon, and then also David who worked there then did makeup, lashes and eyebrows, so I decided to ask for an internship there, and so I got it! So it was only a week I was there (I think, maybe 2?) And both David and Annika were busy with theirs so it was mostly me and two other interns who made up each other.

    Actually, they only accepted interns who studied makeup in some way, such as the stylist line, but I still flirted thanks to my makeup blog! They saw how interested I was (and good, although I myself look back on the make-up of that time and almost ashamed hehe) so it's a tip for you who want to become makeup artists - start a make-up blog! Even if you do not update every day or work to get a lot of readers, it is still a good CV :)

    The most fun with the practice was to get a response and constructive criticism of the make-up they did, but since we were several there and they almost only wore a make-up model, I do not know if I became directly better at that time. However, it gave me a lot in the end because Annika and I clicked so well, and through her I got some jobs afterwards (eg bridal makeup that she did not have time for) and also I still have the opportunity to borrow a chair at her salon if I were to need for my own clients, so that's wonderful!

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    An old picture from when I borrowed a chair from Annika for a make-up course!

    Now Annika has a new salon, and it was actually last Saturday that I borrowed a chair from her last time! A girl from Gimo contacted me when her mother-in-law turned 50 and got me as a surprise gift! :) Super cool! She knew nothing more than that she would be unmade. So I had a course with her, made her nice and explained in detail what I did and why, and afterwards she got a kit with all the products I had used, everything from my webshop! Fun right? Then they went out and had a nice dinner!

    So there you have the story of why I know Annika and have a contact to Creative Make Up. It went a long way haha, but I know that I have many young readers who want to invest in this profession and then maybe this post is good inspiration! Imagine that I still have so many benefits thanks to the fact that I chose such a good internship the second year in high school :)

    Hugs are!

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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