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    My sisters' friend Ronja turned one yesterday, and I could not help but take some quick mobile pictures (did not have my camera) and take a picture of the nice kit they bought from

    Love gifts that are a bit well thought out both in terms of content and appearance :) They bought a skin care kit with only pink products, and added a bottle of rosé themselves as the finishing touch. Look so nice:

    gift tips beauty

    Spa sponge for the face:
    Konjac Facial Sponge Pink Clay - This spa sponge is ideal for deep cleansing tired and sensitive skin. It balances the skin's pH value and exfoliates and removes impurities and dead skin cells in a gentle and gentle way, can also be used after sun exposure. The fungus contains pink French clay which is a mixture of white and red clay, the mildest of all French clays. Pink clay has a emollient effect, it improves blood circulation and repairs the tissue in the skin. Konjac fungus is ecologically and biodegradable in nature.

    Face mask:
    Botanicals Clay Mask Rose Clay & Rosehip - Organic face mask with 100% natural ingredients of which 70% are organically certified. Adapted for tired, dry, sensitive and / or mature skin.

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    French roslera helps to extract dirt, dead skin cells and impurities from the skin, and gives your dull skin much more radiance!
    Rosolja moisturizes and repairs the skin and is often used in skin care for mature skin.
    Jojoba oil is very moisturizing and nourishing.
    Camellia oil reduces fine lines, makes stretch marks less visible and strengthens the skin.
    Shea butter soothes irritated skin and speeds up the healing process.

    Body Butter:
    Zoya Goes Pretty Shea & Rose Butter - 100 & organic and natural body butter. The Bulgarian rose oil not only has an irresistible scent - it is also a real skin elixir! Rose oil relieves inflamed skin and is beneficial for dry and mature skin. Shea butter soothes, nourishes, softens and smoothes the skin. Accelerates skin healing and counteracts various skin conditions such as beauty spots and wrinkles. An abundant moisturizer for dry skin that increases skin elasticity and suppleness.


    So summery, nice and perfect gift, a real "treat-yourself-kit"!

    How happy had you been with this gift? :) ♥

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