Wedding make-up - Before & After + Products

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    I had a super lovely customer here last Saturday who was going to a wedding (her friend was getting married, not herself) and wanted to be a little extra spruced up in honor of the day! She went from Uppsala and came to my apartment :)

    Before, I was a little bad at taking pictures of my customers, mostly think it's hard to ask the question, do not know why. But after you wanted more customer photos, I have taken up the matter and again this time I took out the camera and took before and after photos that you will see :) Hope you like it!

    She was so nice:


    In principle, she does not use make-up at all otherwise, sun powder and mascara regardless of the event. So we did a soft and down-to-earth make-up that highlights her fine features, while still feeling like herself. It felt most important :)

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    Products I have used:
    Face primer - Paese Makeup Base Matte
    Foundation - Zuii Organic Powder Foundation (Hazelnut)
    Highlighter - Paese Kashmir Eyeshadow (605)
    Bronzer - Paese Bronzing Powder (2M)
    Rouge - Zuii Organic Sparkle Blush (Melon)
    Powder - Paese Bamboo Silk Powder
    Lip Gloss - Paese Balm Lip Gloss (621)
    Eyebrows - Benecos Eyebrow Designer (Brown)
    Eyeshadow Primer - Pixi Eye Bright Primer 
    Mascara - Wonderlash Mascara Waterpoof

    The eye shadows are "Annika's favorite shadow" which I sold on before, as well as a palette from Paese whose shade has expired. So they unfortunately no longer exist.

    wedding makeup

    Got a text message from her yesterday ”The world's biggest thanks for the make-up yesterday, was so heavenly satisfied!”So wonderful to hear :) ♥

    Now I will continue to work before it is a little later today to go to Arlanda and pick up my sister Linda who is visiting from Finland for a few days, jeeeeej!

    Hope you all got off to a great start to the new week :) Hugs!

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      • Can try to make a post about it, hard to just explain in words :) But have used Beneco's eyebrow pencil and filled in with. I usually mark the lower edge of the eyebrow first, and then with small short strokes with the pen fill it in so that it becomes as natural and nice as possible, but still well-shaped :) Be light on the hand and paint a little at a time. Hug!

    1. Oh so nice !!! Super nice wedding make-up! I wonder which is your favorite among solid powder foundations? I think it is easier with powder foundation than loose so would like some tips =).

      • Thanks :) My favorite is zuii organic, which I used on the customer in this post, I use them the most! But also like gloMinerals Pressed Base which is also super good. I prefer, just like you, also pressed powder and am actually testing another such foundation from a 3rd brand that I also love and will probably take in! It happens when you can not choose which is the favorite among everyone who is so good, then you have to recommend everyone haha :) Hugs!

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