Press event for Pür Minerals

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    I had such an incredibly nice evening yesterday! I was at a press event with Pür Minerals (a brand I love) which has a lot of fun news going on!

    These include awesome eyeliners in several great colors, a new foundation, lipstick in the form of a felt-tip pen (lip stain), a practical eyeshadow palette with earthy tones, cream blush and a completely new mascara.

    I like brands that have a little more fun and stronger colors than "the usual" and it has Pür Minerals, fun but useful shades on everything :)

    And the special thing about many news is that there is so much thought behind to get as practical products as possible. For example. The eyeliner has a screw-up pencil on one side, and a pointed felt-tip pen with liquid eyeliner on the other! The cream blushes have an included brush at the bottom with which you tone out the blush. The foundation (which is a foundation-filled sponge) also has a refill on the underside that you can change to when the first one is finished. The lip stain pens (waterproof liquid color for the lips that sit like the rock) have a lip balm in the same shade at the bottom that you can use for a more moisturized and glossy result.

    So you hear so smart !!! :)

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    Here you see all the news!


    Slices and pink strawberry bubbles were served :)


    Pür Minerals always has such fun presentations of their news, and always has a makeup artist who shows the products on different models. You get a much better overview of all products then I think! In the picture you see the application of Pür Minerals new blush :)

    Here are all four looks:


    How sharp and beautiful are their eyeliners!

    purmineral news

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    And here you see more natural make-up, in the left pictures you see the blush on both cheeks and lips, and in the right picture you see the natural colors from the large eyeshadow palette!

    The models only have Pür Minerals makeup on their face, and all have the new foundation.


    Then there was a buffet and lots of bullshit, gossip and make-up talk! So much fun to talk to others who have the same interest, usually I am the one who gives product tips and makeup advice in social contexts, but now I took the opportunity to get lots of inspiration from others instead :) Wonderful!

    I did not come home until half past one last night, and even though I was tired when I got up at 6 this morning, of course I could not help but dive into the goodie bag and try a lot of new things! So you will see some of the products in a make-up soon :)

    Hugs are ♥

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