Pure Minerals Makeup Tutorial

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The other day I was at a press breakfast with Pür Minerals and they have really good news for spring! They have not been launched yet, I do not have the press material in front of me at the time of writing, but if I remember correctly, the news will be launched in March. But I will come back to that point when I am completely sure :)

I was so curious to try everything so I decided to do a whole makeover in only Pür Minerals products, fun huh? :) All are news except the kit Love Your Selfie Kit (adlink) which came last spring. Pür Minerals from head to toe!


Today I thought I would mostly show you the make-up with everything, but there will be detailed reviews soon! Is there something you are extra curious about so shout out :)


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Face Primer - Pür Minerals No Filter Blurring Photography Primer
Foundation - Pure Minerals Bare It All 12 Hour 4 in 1 Foundation
Lip pencil on the entire lips - Pür Minerals On Point Lip Liner (must come back with the exact shade of this one too, but incomparably good-looking sure ?!)

All of the above products are news that will be launched this spring.

I have filled in the eyebrows with the matte brown eye shadow from the palette.


The eye shadows are incredibly pigmented and nice, above all they become really intense with the new eye shadow primer underneath! This burgundy / dark purple eyeshadow that I have on the entire eyelid is, however, a typical formula that I do not really like, a dark shadow with black base color so when you fade it out, the fade becomes black / dark gray instead and it is so boring.

It will be nice anyway, but if I had wanted a black fade, I would have chosen such a shade myself. So in step 4 of my tutorial, I added a rust brown eyeshadow with shimmer in the globe line instead of not having a gray-black fade.


All eye shadows + mascara are therefore from Pur Minerals Love Your Selfie Kit (adlink)

  1. Eyeshadow primer, Pür Minerals Get a Grip (new, launched this spring)
    Dark purple / burgundy eye shadow on the entire eyelid
  2. Fade the eyeshadow in the globe line
  3. Pink-brown eye shadow along the lower lash line
    Light champagne-colored eye shadow in the corner of the eye
  4. Dark purple / burgundy eye shadow slightly below the champagne colored on the lower lash line
    Light champagne-colored eyeshadow on the fade in the globe line
  5. Black mascara on all lashes

IMG_5302_111 IMG_5332_111 IMG_5337_111

Hope you all have a great Saturday ♥

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