Helena tests - L´Oréal Paris Infallible primer

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    As you know, I have extremely oily skin and just love to try degrading products!

    That's why I was happy when L´Oréal Paris came with the news Infallible primer, or Mattifying Base as it says on my package. It is the same product but for unclear reasons it says Infallible Primer on some pictures / webshops and Mattifying Base on some, maybe an update of the packaging is just. Have a speculation about it further down in the post :)

    I got this primer as a press test and immediately became curious and have put it to the test!


    • Transparent primer in gel consistency with mattifying effect
    • Creates a perfect foundation before applying your foundation
    • Gives a velvety smooth surface
    • Prevents makeup from smearing and disappearing during the day
    • Decreases the visibility of pores.

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    Launched in store v.46 and the recommended price is 99 sec.

    The primer is a silicone primer, which is both visible and felt at first glance, if you know what silicone is like. The whole primer is basically just cyclopentasiloxane and dimethicone, which are the two most common silicones in beauty products.

    Silicone is a great ingredient in primers as it really makes the skin silky smooth and fills in lines and pores, without clogging the skin and without penetrating the skin, the molecules are too big for that.

    However, I do not know if silicones completely alone but other ingredients are especially debilitating? It does not feel like they absorb oil very well anyway. Comfortable on the skin and makes it smooth and smooth but not so debilitating.

    The primer comes in a tube, which I think is practical, easy to dose the desired amount. A small click is enough for the whole face and the skin becomes smoother and smoother.


    I have used this primer for several days and with different foundations, both minerals and different liquids and bb-cream, but do not notice a huge difference in the debilitating effect actually. Maybe a little different compared to without primer, but I still get shiny very quickly. It evens out the skin but is not very filling on large pores.

    Own speculation is that the primer was first made to be more degrading and was named mattifying base, but due to type only silicones in the ingredient list, it is not very degrading and therefore quickly changed its name to just Infallible Primer to not be so misleading. The product description states that it has a debilitating effect, but it is not primarily what products radiate at first glance (if you compare with the product that I have). Look at e.g. Åhléns website so you understand what I mean :)

    As for cyclic silicones, which are very much debated now, I think it should be avoided in skin care and hair care, because almost everyone who uses it in the shower and body lotions without reflecting on content or price is basically completely covered in silicones. And based on recent studies suspected Cyclic silicones damage the liver, respiratory system and fertility.

    On the other hand, having silicones in a primer, lipstick or similar, I personally do not consider to be a health risk. It's all about quantity, even lemons are toxic, flammable and environmentally hazardous if you look at them so carefully. But a small amount does no harm to either us or nature. Silicones are only harmful if you get them into the body, and it does not pass through the skin, and a huge amount would be needed for there to be a risk.

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    I use products with silicones in makeup, but avoid it in skin care and hair care. Partly because not being covered in silicones but also because I want to spend money on ingredients that actually care for hair and skin, and not just to give a smooth and smooth feeling.


    Summary - A smoothing and very smooth and comfortable face primer. However, not very depressing, maybe a little on people who get a little shiny. Absolutely evens out the skin well but not very much on large pores.

    So, as a "regular face primer", I recommend it for a smooth and smoother surface, but not for you who want an extra matte result.

    Have any of you had time to test this? What do you think?

    Hug! ♥

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    Helena Amileyhttps://www.imakeyousmile.se
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hi 😊.

      Read this in post as I google matte primers. But this one was not as dull as you hoped? And you wrote you have really oily skin.
      I probably have the world's most oily t-zone 😁, so I wonder if you have any good tips on products?
      Primers, foundation, mineral powders, etc. 💞.

      Have a nice day / Mia

      • Hey Mia! :) No exactly I did not experience much just debilitating effect, more just smoothing and silky smooth.

        However, I am very nerdy about other debilitating products that I can recommend! I also have my own web shop (creativemakeup.se) and started selling Primern Paese Makeup Base (Mattifying) and the powder Paese Bamboo Silk Powder 5-6 years ago and have used these since then, the powder has 26 reviews with a 5-star average and primer has 43 reviews. That combo is really good for the oiliness! The foundation I use the most is Pixi H2O Skintint, also available on Creativemakeup.se, it is a gel so it is very suitable for oiliness even though it is liquid and moisturizing. Not debilitating in itself but together with the powder and primer it is great. With the three products, you get long durability and the skin stays matte longer while you get a nice and natural result.

        I am possibly looking for. test persons with oily skin for a thing later, if you are interested, feel free to email me helena@creativemakeup.se :)

        Shout out if you have more questions!

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