Review - Indy Beauty skin care & body care

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    Here is a long awaited review - Indy Beauty skin care & body care! :)

    When I was at a press breakfast with Indy Beauty, I got a big goodie bag to take home with me! Indy Beauty is thus the new skin care brand by Therese Lindgren.

    Very cozy event too, I must add! Therese is so heavenly go and that the brand has such good values really inspires.

    I was then eager to do a "first impression review" directly, but there were so many of them from other people. Therefore, I decided to test the products for a longer period of time and do a more thorough review instead. It's worth more to everyone!

    So I have been testing the products since the end of February and the cleaning is almost complete. I thus feel ready for a statement!

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    review indy beauty

    Update 2021: I have now tested more news from Indy Beauty, which I added at the end. The post thus contains more reviews than the products shown in this picture :)

    Brand & values

    Indy Beauty is an abbreviation of "Independent Beauty". They attach great importance to taking care of yourself, liking yourself and being kind to yourself.

    Such a small thing as lubricating yourself with a fragrant lotion and enjoying some free time (even if it is only for a few seconds) also promotes mental health! The body then secretes the hormone oxytocin which makes us feel better :)


    All products are 100% vegan, that is the whole concept of the products. Therese saw that there is a lack of affordable and good skin care products that are vegan on the market. She then decided to solve the problem on her own!

    The products are not organic or so, but contain many natural and caring ingredients. Very nice! On the website you can also read a detailed list of what each ingredient is for something and why it is good in the product. Really great! For how many consumers understand an inci list?

    I had ev. wanted even more details about the ingredients, on e.g. Dimethicone (silicone) it just says "emollient". Yes, it makes the skin feel softer when the silicone is on .. But silicone itself is not a skin care ingredient that in the long run makes the skin softer, which you can easily believe when you just read that it is "emollient".


    All products are perfumed except the face oil. A fresh, sweet and fruity scent that is very good without smelling for a lot I think.

    I'm more periodic when it comes to scents. Now I have used organic and completely natural products for a very long time, so it is extra nice to start the day with a fragrant skin care routine! It feels fresh! Invigorating :)

    indy beauty review skin care

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    I start by reviewing cleanser, toner and two face masks!

    Indy Beauty Rich Cleansing Mousse - Review

    The cleaning foam Indy Beauty Rich Cleansing Mousse (link) is one of my favorite products in the entire series! It is not very mild but suits me with oily skin very well. Efficient and really cleans properly.

    The cleanser is even quite effective on eye makeup! Since it is not mild, however, I always remove the eye makeup with a specific cleanser first. Otherwise there is a risk of drying out the sensitive skin around the eyes.

    I really like the formula on the foam! It is so hard when cleansing foam is too "airy", but this one feels creamy on the skin when you massage it in.

    “It contains water lily extract that soothes the skin and refreshes it. Has antioxidant properties and an astringent effect " it says on the website.

    indy beauty rich cleansing foam review cleansing foam

    The skin on the face becomes super clean! Even the days I have a lot of basic makeup. I can feel a little dry tight right afterwards if I have cleaned like three times, which I sometimes do when I have a lot of makeup. But usually I wash twice.

    The website says that you should use this morning and evening, but that you can skip in the morning if you have very dry and sensitive skin.

    I actually cleanse the skin with only hot water in the morning. After I read The skin bible (adlink) by Johanna Gillbro so I tried not to clean as hard in the morning and my skin seems to enjoy it! :)

    Indy beauty cleansing foam review

    Indy Beauty Refreshing Water Lily Toner - Review

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    The toner Indy Beauty Refreshing Water Lily Toner (link) smells good and feels fresh on the skin. I can think that it feels a little sticky on the skin immediately afterwards actually, but nothing that bothers when you get on all creams later. The reason for using toner is to moisturize the skin and restore the pH balance.

    The water contains extracts from waterlily flower that moisturize and have an astringent and calming effect as well as antioxidant properties. And cucumber extract that regulates moisture and nourishes the skin.

    Indy Beauty Clear Skin Mud Boosting Facial Mask - Review

    Long name, Indy Beauty Clear Skin Mud Boosting Facial Mask (link) but I like this smiling face mask! It feels active on the skin and that is enough because it contains salicylic acid. In addition, it contains activated carbon, clays and extracts from white peony that soothe the skin.

    The face mask dries fairly quickly. That's the only thing I do not like about most clay masks, the stiff feeling when they dry. I love to sit and cuddle, clean, etc. and wear the mask longer than you have to. Just for the luxury feeling as well. But this one dries in a few minutes and then it's time to wash off, if the skin is not to feel like a dry, cracked foot heel :)

    Afterwards, the skin feels clean and fresh! With regular use (2-3 times a week I have driven) I get less impurities overall!

    indy beauty face mask clay review Indy Beauty Clear Skin Mud Boosting Facial Mask

    A quirky plus in the edge because it becomes so even and nice on the skin. Very much color even if you apply a thin layer! My aesthetic eye really likes it;)

    Indy Beauty The Moisturizing Bomb Facial Mask - Review

    I always put a moisturizing mask after these clay masks that dry. Personally, therefore, do not choose one or the other, but love to use both one after the other!

    This moisturizing mask, Indy Beauty The Moisturizing Bomb Facial Mask (link) more reminiscent of a lotion in consistency. I did not like it at first actually. However, it has turned out that I use this incredibly much!

    I usually wear it as a night mask both on my face and * drum vortex * all over the cleavage! Do you understand what luxury anyway? Sleep with a face mask on the décolleté :) I have become so good at caring for the skin on the décolleté as much as the skin on the face, I love it.

    It feels quite active on the skin, not every use but often the skin feels a little warm immediately after application.

    The moisturizing mask contains extracts from water lily flower, oat oil and shea butter, very nice! Now I will nag a little about silicones again. I am not against silicones in the right products, but in a face mask it just feels unnecessary, it should still be washed off! The face mask contains quite a lot of silicones, the 5th ingredient in the inci list, which is noticeable if you know how silicones feel. Silicones are for me a cosmetic product, for a face mask I would rather spend the money on even more natural oils and shea butter e.g.

    But this mask is used extensively! However, I am not super dry in the skin so if it is a good "moisture bomb" or not I am the wrong person to judge.

    indy beauty moisturizing face mask review The Moisturizing Bomb Facial Mask

    When I have it after clay mask, I put a little thicker layer as in this picture. If, on the other hand, I sleep with it, I apply less, like a night cream but a little more. Then it sinks into the skin very well and does not smudge in the slightest.

    indy beauty skin care review

    Face oil, serum, day cream and night cream!

    Indy Beauty Moisturizing Facial Oil - Review

    Indy Beauty Moisturizing Facial Oil (link) is a completely odorless and very pleasant oil that sinks into the skin well. It contains rapeseed oil and coconut oil, among other things.

    If you have normal to dry skin, you can definitely use this even before makeup, because it does not get sticky at all. For me with oily skin, however, it does not work before makeup. It is not thin enough for it (there are oils that work before makeup even for oily skin).

    But every night I use this. Sometimes I mix it with the night cream and sometimes after the night cream to "lock in" the moisture.

    Indy Beauty Facial Oil Moisturizing Facial Oil - Review

    The oil has a pipette which I also like.

    Indy Beauty Moisturizing Elixir Serum - Review

    Indy Beauty Moisturizing Elixir Serum (link), this is the product I like the least of the whole brand, very boring! I am otherwise a big fan of serum, I think it is very nice on the skin and there are so many good ones!

    The problem with this serum is that it rolls and crumbles on the skin. So annoying. It destroys the whole wonderful clean feeling after the skin care routine. In addition, the feeling becomes a bit sticky on the skin, which I also do not like.

    I do not know why it crumbles like that, if I take a small click and work it in properly, it does not always crumble. Sometimes it crumbles even though I'm so careful. So I never use it in the morning because it has been a few days when it sabbed my makeup base.

    The ingredients anyway are extracts from water lily flower, white peony and the good ingredient hyaluronic acid!

    Indy Beauty Moisturizing Elixir Serum - Review

    The formula is a gel consistency that you can clearly see in this picture.

    Indy Beauty Clear Moisturizing Day Cream - Review

    The day cream Indy Beauty Clear Moisturizing Day Cream (link) I like a lot! It is light and thin in texture and penetrates quickly into the skin. Just like the serum, it also contains hyaluronic acid and extracts from water lily flower and white peony. The day cream becomes dull and also suits me with oily skin. The skin looks and feels healthy and well-groomed.

    Some days I can feel that it is not quite as moisturizing as my skin needs in the morning. Because I (as I wrote above) can not supplement with either the serum or oil in the morning. But other than that, I just like this one! One pump is enough for the whole face.

    Indy Beauty Moisturizing Night Cream - Review

    The night cream Indy Beauty Moisturizing Night Cream (link) is thicker in texture. I actually use one and a half pump for the face. Just have plenty to say about the night cream!

    It is very moisturizing and emollient but still goes well into the skin. The formula is also a bit exfoliating as it contains BHA acid, but it still does not feel strong on the skin at all.

    indy beauty day cream and night cream review

    Here you see the day cream on the left and the night cream on the right. I think it is a bit visible in the picture that the day cream is a little thinner and in the gel direction. While the night cream is more of a thick and thick cream.

    indy beauty shower gel body lotion review

    It was all facial products I have at home. Now for the body products shower cream and body lotion!

    Indy Beauty Caring and Cleaning Shower Gel - review

    What I love about the shower gel (besides the wonderful scent!) Is that it comes in a large pump bottle! Indy Beauty Caring and Cleaning Shower Gel (link) feels salon-luxurious thanks to the large pump.

    In addition, the amount of 400ml makes it actually feel worth buying this shower gel, compared to a cheap shower gel from the grocery store. Because I think many will agree with me that shower gel is not the product you prioritize most when it comes to quality and price?

    It foams just right and the skin feels really clean afterwards. However, nothing I recommend for the most sensitive skin. Miska has very sensitive skin and can e.g. do not wash clothes with perfumed rinse aid. He gets a little irritated skin from this shower gel. But for me it's no problem!

    Indy Beauty Smooth Body Lotion - Review

    Also the body lotion Indy Beauty Smooth Body Lotion (link) comes in a large pump bottle, so good! The whole body smells good and feels soft and smooth. The cream goes into the skin so you can lubricate the whole body and get dressed immediately without it feeling sticky.

    Contains shea butter which moisturizes and softens.

    Smooth Body Lotion - review

    Here you see the body lotion :)

    hand cream Indy Beauty The Velvety Hand Cream - review

    Last but not least, hand cream!

    Indy Beauty The Velvety Hand Cream Vanilla - Review

    The hand creams are available in the three scents vanilla, coconut and apricot. The one I have at home is vanilla, Indy Beauty The Velvety Hand Cream - Vanilla (link). I really like the vanilla scent, mild and good! Contains natural oils from rapeseed, coconut and shea.

    The hand cream with coconut is a fatter variant, which is worth mentioning even though I have not tested it. The first thing I thought about was that the vanilla hand cream is not greasy enough for people with very dry hands. But then there are two options depending on the need you have!

    So: Velvet hand creams vanilla and apricot are perfect for you who want moisturized and fragrant hands. It is a hand cream that sinks in quickly and is therefore easy to apply on the go. But if you instead have very dry and chapped hands, there is a fatter cream that you can choose instead, namely Indy Beauty Intense Hand Cream Coconut (link).

    Now I have not tried coconut and apricot but can imagine that coconut is a perfect hand cream before going to bed in the evening. While the one I have with vanilla is a perfect day-hand cream that is absorbed super fast :)

    hand cream review vanilla

    The package contains 40 ml and is a perfect size to carry in your handbag!

    Indy Beauty 3 in 1 Exfoliating Facial Mask - Review

    The exfoliating face mask Indy Beauty 3 in 1 Exfoliating Facial Mask (adlink) I like incredibly much! 3 in 1 means that the mask exfoliates in 3 different ways: with acids, with enzymes and with grains.

    Grain: Many dermatologists advise against peeling the skin with grains, as it wears on the skin. I myself like to do it sometimes when I have very visible blackheads (has taught me not to say unclean skin, because the skin is not dirty. But blackheads are such an ugly word, haha!). Sometimes I just can not resist a little manual scrubbing to get rid of everything.

    The good thing about this is that you can choose for yourself whether you want to scrub with barley or not! If you do not want to scrub with barley, apply the cream without just working it in :) Or like me - scrub manually sometimes but not every use.

    Acids & Enzymes: The face mask contains BHA acid and AHA acid, enzymes from pomegranate and extracts from pink pomelo remove dead skin cells and promote skin cell renewal. This means you can apply the cream on the skin, let it work for a minute, then just rinse off!

    What I like about this exfoliating face mask is that I can vary if I want to scrub or just let it work. And that it is incredibly effective. You really feel the difference before and after!

    You also feel that it is quite active, it irritates the skin a bit. I would be careful to use this if you have sensitive skin. And it is important to use sunscreen during the day!

    Contains 75 ml and is fragrance free. Flexible tube packaging.

    The texture is gelatinous and a little cooling, very nice! I can highly recommend this!

    Indy Beauty Firming Eye Cream - Review

    The eye cream Indy Beauty Firming Eye Cream (adlink) is a nice eye cream. I do not have much problem with the skin around the eyes, it is not dry, flabby or irritated in any way.

    The eye cream promises quite a lot, it contains hyaluronic acid and oat oil that fills in bumps in the skin.

    The eye cream also has a white pigment that reduces dark circles around the eyes. I did not read this until after I had tested it (usually do not read much before, do not want to be subconsciously colored in my opinions) and can say that it was nothing I reflected on at all. I do not immediately have any darkness under my eyes either. But in any case, it is not so much pigment that it is clear.

    So I can not judge this cream so much more than; nice texture! A thin and slightly cooling cream, not oily but rather a gel cream I would say. Sinks quickly into the skin and feels moisturizing and good! Refreshing I would say!

    But in terms of results, it is difficult for me to decide more than that because the eyes are not a problem area for me :)

    Contains 15 ml and is fragrance free. The package is a small tube with a long spout.

    Here you see the consistency quite clearly! Thin cream that is quite "wet", ie more like gel than like a greasy cream :)

    Here it is under my eyes!

    Indy Beauty SOS Spot Treatment - Review

    This point treatment Indy Beauty SOS Spot Treatment (adlink) is applied to pimples and clogged pores. I think it's really good!

    I have used it for a long time, both on pimples on the face, on bad inboard and on back pimples. You have to test for a long time to see an actual connection, sometimes pimples disappear quickly automatically so I have wanted to be sure that it is not a coincidence. And I feel that it is not!

    My pimples "mature" and disappear faster, even large inboarders calm down and some have disappeared unexpectedly quickly. It feels quite strong and contains several different acids, Zinc and witch hazel. Nothing for sensitive skin I would guess, but on my blemishes it works brilliantly!

    Contains 15 ml and is fragrance free. The package is a small tube with a long spout. Smooth!

    Luckily this is white so you do not mix it with the pink eye cream tube. You do not want to apply this strong gel under the eyes;)

    The gel consistency is clearly visible here.

    Indy Beauty Antioxidant Hydrating Facial Mist - Review

    The face mist Indy Beauty Antioxidant Hydrating Facial Mist (adlink) is a fresh and wonderful mist I think!

    The spray is soft (could have been softer and more finely divided, but works fine) and the skin feels moisturized. I am not dry in the skin so can not really judge the result, but it contains both antioxidants, vitamin C and emollient and moisturizing ingredients.

    I usually spray it on the cleavage too! A spray product to moisturize the thin skin in the décolleté is flexible, it is quick and easy even though it is a large area :) Or yes, big and big, you get the idea.

    Summa summarum: No wowwow product but I like that I have it and use it daily!

    Indy Beauty Make Up remover - review

    The makeup remover / makeup up remover Indy Beauty Make Up Remover (adlink) is unfortunately not my favorite!

    To be oil-free, it is still relatively efficient. The formula is a gel and for the base make-up it works well, fresh!

    To the eyes, it is effective a bit depending on what mascara and how hard makeup you have. For Indy Beauty's mascaras, it works and it removes waterproof makeup as well, but if you are used to an oil-based that goes fast, this feels a bit time-consuming.

    What lowers the grade the most is that I have a hard time dosing the amount on the cotton pad when I use it for my eye makeup. If you take too little, it is not effective, but if you take a little too much, it instead becomes very wet and greasy on the eye. The gel is kind of too thick to take off a lot, but if you take a little, the cotton is too dry to dissolve mascara. It is good when you get the perfect amount, but it is difficult!

    I think it is good and effective for being oil-free, but for my eye makeup (and patience) I need one that is more hardcore. But if you do gentle eye make-up and do not need to moisten the cotton with so much gel, I think it is good :) But no personal favorite for me.

    Results of Indy Beauty skin care

    My skin likes the products a lot! Sometimes I get very bad skin in the beginning when I change brands, but my skin liked these from day one.

    Do you have a lot of skin problems? Then I would recommend a little with advanced products for your particular skin type. I also think that many of the products and perfumes can be a bit strong for people with very sensitive skin, or if you have difficulty with scents.

    But for you who have a relatively normal skin type (or a little dry / a little oily), I can definitely recommend Indy Beauty!


    Links the products again so you do not have to scroll up in the post :) All links are adlinks:


    For this price level and the natural and fine ingredients, I think the products are of good quality! These are cute packages that look so nice in the bathroom. The scent is super good and I think the majority of the products work very well!

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    1. Have tested cleaning mouse a few times. Seems to remove makeup well but you get a little dry after.
      Has anyone over 40 tried eye creams?

    2. Good review !! : D Thank you! I have previously bought expensive products but am really wondering if there is such a difference or a scam .. Thought to try Indybeuty as the first products that are a little cheaper

    3. THANK YOU for taking the time to write this review! Usually never comment on blogs but felt it was needed this time! Truly a superb and well written review!

    4. Thanks for a very detailed review! I like these a lot more than "first impression" and it felt well done. Many write a half good review but yours was cruel! Maybe I should take a look and try, otherwise I prefer to use natural products such as aloe vera, oils, etc: D

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