Review: IsaDora Liquid Lip Chrome Dark Decadence

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    It was quite a long time since I received a press release on the cool lipstick IsaDora Liquid Lip Chrome (adlink) in the dark purple shade Dark Decadence and it has been on my "test-soon-shelf" and attracted me only since;)

    I love dark lipsticks that at the same time have a nice color in them and this metallic effect that the Chrome series has felt like made for my taste!

    The lipstick is really shitty! The dark, high-gloss and chrome effect is very cool on the lips.

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    The feeling on the lips is very, very creamy if you apply a proper, comprehensive layer. If you take a thin layer or when it starts to disappear, it feels sticky, which I do not like at all.

    My first impression in front of the makeup mirror felt more wow than when I walked around with it for a few minutes. To get such a comprehensive and effective result, you need to apply quite a lot of the lipstick, I who do not like such creamy lips however (I prefer the type of lip balm feeling) tried to smack off excess on a piece of paper and then the majority of the color disappeared the purchase although I was very careful. It was nice anyway but it is not the color you bought but became more of a "my lips but better color".

    The package is a regular lip gloss sleeve with a soft applicator, works well, no strangeness :)

    Shitty color but would like the same effect with thinner layers, for a proper layer gives super nice effect but too creamy and thick for me taste, a thinner layer gives a messier color and a sticky feeling instead of creamy. So for you who love a lot of cream on the lips, this is good, otherwise not :)

    So I will not use this again - maybe if I start with a lip pencil first and then have this as a topping, it can work!

    However, I am eager to try the other colors in the same series! Then I do not think you have the same problem with having to apply thick layer to get properly with pigment.

    Have any of you tested this? What do you think?


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