Review - The new IsaDora Glitter Liner

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    The glitter festival is here! Therefore, I now thought to review IsaDora Glitter Liner (adlink) which I got a press sample of this week, in case any of you have considered buying it before Christmas and New Year. It is a glittery eyeliner in gold and silver that was launched as a novelty in week 48.

    Glitter is such an easy way to glamorize your make-up, regardless of whether you prefer natural, color or dark, just a little light glitter in the corner of the eye does the whole makeup as well. How nice :)

    I love you IsaDora Glitter Lash & Brow (adlink) which is a gel pencil with glitter that is for lashes and eyebrows, but for me it works great on the eyelids as well. So I was very happy when I got more glitter from IsaDora and had high hopes!

    The eyeliner is a gel with glitter in it. The formula is ophthalmologically tested (tested on people under the supervision of an ophthalmologist) but I would not recommend it for you more sensitive eyes! It feels that it is strong on the thin skin around the eyes, it kind of stings a little, it passes when it has dried but it does not feel comfortable when applied.

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    For a while during the day, I thought it itched where the glitter eyeliner was painted but I do not know if it was a coincidence or if it was actually due to the eyeliner.

    The eyeliner does not give a full-coverage glitter layer during an ironing, but I think that is just an advantage because then you can have another eyeliner underneath and get a glittering effect if you want. And if you want a full-coverage glittery eyeliner, you can apply more when it has dried.

    The brush itself is a classic eyeliner brush with a narrow top and easy to paint with.

    If you add more layers to get a lot of glitter, it takes a little while before the eyeliner is completely dry.

    Very durable and nice, nothing to complain about in terms of appearance and durability.

    It is a fairly large sleeve so you get a lot of glitter for the money, the price is between 75-119 kronor on different websites.

    Summary: Strong against the skin and stings my eyes, does not dry fast enough if you want to apply a lot of glitter (which I usually want) but gives a nice glittering result that lasts a long time. Well, I have used it twice but I will probably not use it again I think.

    I do not have unusually sensitive eyes I think, but you who have very durable skin and do not want to add so much glitter can probably like this and it is very affordable even if you are happy with it :)

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    IsaDora Glitter Liner gets a 2 out of 5 rating from me, as I will not use it again and can not recommend you to buy it. But it does not get a grade of 0 because it actually does its job and becomes really nice and durable when you finish the application.

    You will see it in a make-up soon when I publish today's makeup :)

    Hug! ♥

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