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Yesterday I started the day with a press breakfast in the Student's store in Stockholm. is launching the popular make-up brand Revlon in October, so we got to test some of the products and know more about the brand!


Had I slept in Gimo, I would have left home with the 6-bus to be in place at 9 o'clock when the event began. But now I woke up within walking distance to the store, and was served with a super good breakfast when I arrived. Luxury!


We also got a super sweet welcome cake which was at each place. I would have loved it if the plastic had not given me a papercut (had not seen it when I took the picture, so under the white dot is an open wound that I noticed after a while haha) and because I feel bad about blood, I could not eat the good egg sandwich that I just took a bite of. Guess if I was hungry when I got home at 3pm and had not eaten a smack! Tried to saturate me with this cake on the bus home, but fy phase so disgusting it was…

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But even though I did not enjoy breakfast, I still enjoyed all the makeup, makeup talk and all the beauty nerds around me :) In the pictures you can see my cloth after trying Revlon's lipstick pens, and Revlon's highlighter in action - it will be super exciting to try !

We received a lot of products in the goodie bag that you will receive reviews on shortly:

IMG_5172_111IMG_5184_111 IMG_5196_111

Not a shame to be a beauty blogger;)

After this event, I was at a meeting before I went home again. The meeting went well and soon there will be some changes here in the blog!

Now I will put on make-up and then go to Uppsala where I have a make-up job waiting, tell me more about it when I'm done :)

Hugs are!

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