Rosa Bandet & Vårtgård pigmentation

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    In October, we have a Pink Bandet campaign at Creative Makeup - for everyone who books in spring yard pigmentation during this pink month, we donate 10% to the Breast Cancer Foundation!

    Ida is tattooing nipples at Creative Makeup in Uppsala and she has 8 years of experience! That was what she worked on before she started with us. Now that she has started with permanent makeup, Ida feels that she has also developed in the backyard tattoo as she has gained more knowledge, learned new techniques and works with really good materials and tools.

    You who are interested can read more about the treatment here!

    The most common is to tattoo the nipples after surgery, but healthy breasts can also be tattooed, if you e.g. want to adjust shape, symmetry or similar. It is also possible to fill in old warts' pigmentation.

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    You always come to a consultation before we book wartyard pigmentation. This is free of charge and can be booked online or by phone. The tattoo itself can therefore not be booked online, but we do it after you have been to a consultation.

    For long-distance customers, it is possible to arrange a consultation via email / telephone and photos.

    The price is SEK 5,000 and then includes a return visit where we tattoo more if needed.

    Get in touch if you have any questions, you can either email or call us on 018 10 50 13. And you can make an appointment for a consultation online at

    Hug you and FREE THE NIPPLE! :) ♥

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