Royal Apothic Tinties Lip Butter

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    In the nice velvet red Glossybox that I wrote about in this post, I got a super sweet lip balm from Royal Apothic that I thought I would show you a little closer today!

    Unfortunately, I can not find any retailer in Sweden that sells it, except Glossybox then, but there is a webshop in London that sells it, look in there and test order to Sweden if you are hungry. Maybe it works, I have not tested! There it costs anyway $ 14.00.

    In any case, I thought I would share a review, so if you find the lip balm somewhere, you already know beforehand if it is worth buying or not :)

    First of all, the packaging could not have been much nicer! It's a cute little red and white box, and when you pull out the little box, the lip balm is in a nice jar inside! Really a feeling of luxury!

    The lip balm contains, among other things, argan oil and grape seed oil that moisturizes the lips, as well as sweet almond oil and shea butter that nourish and soften.

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    The lip balm feels incredibly nice on the lips, as soft and wonderful as you want it to be! In addition, it smells good, I can not put my finger on it but it smells mild and discreet, and sweet! The texture is very soft, a bit reminiscent of sorbet.

    It is available in different colors but the shade I have is dark red pink. But on the lips, it gives very little color, just a small shade difference.

    I personally probably would not have bought it for myself though, but without a doubt as a nice gift! I do not like this with lip balm in a jar, especially not a jar like this as you can not even easily dip your lips directly in it, and hardly the finger for that matter, although you should never put fingers in the beauty products.

    A lip balm should work well in the handbag and improve when needed, but this is more of a stand-fine-at-home-by-the-mirror product that you can use with a lip brush on the side.

    Do you know! Now I got an idea just for that! When I move and have a nice luxurious home and a beautiful bathroom, then I will have such a nice lip balm jar and nice lip brushes stand in the bathroom, and then all the guests can use it and get nice soft lips! Then they take a lip brush that is only used once, and then I wash them later. Luxurious huh? :) I have to remember that when it becomes relevant…

    Hugs are!

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. How to save an eyeshadow that has been faded far too much or unevenly? How to save the edges without destroying the basic make-up?

      • Tops! Tops are super good for this, but use it a bit like a make-up brush, so you should not be harsh and "pull off" the eye shadow because then the basic make-up will follow as well, but smudge gently on the edges just like when you fade out the eye shadow. The difference between a top and a make-up brush is that the eye shadow sticks completely to the top while a make-up brush spreads it out :)

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