Shampoo & conditioner from Rapsodine

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    This summer I reviewed shower cream and body lotion from the Swedish brand Rapsodine, you can read that review in the post "Skin care from Rapsodine"If you want, I like them very much!

    Now I have also received a press sample of their shampoo and conditioner, which I have now put to the test as well.

    Rapsodine is a Swedish organic brand, more specifically a family business based in Mariestad where all products are manufactured in their own factory. All raw materials come from Sweden, and the common thread in the content is cold-pressed rapeseed oil that comes from one and the same farm and is KRAV-grown. In addition, all packaging is made of recyclable material. Totally to my taste!


    My packages are 250 ml in size and cost SEK 90 each. And if you shop for SEK 499, you also get free shipping. But there are larger packages as well, of 500 ml, if you want it :)

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    These two contain perfume, but there are also perfume-free if you are sensitive to it.

    Rhapsody Shampoo contains, in addition to rapeseed oil, also sea buckthorn extract which helps to give the hair shine and luster. It foams very well, is just over the hair and leaves a clean and wonderful feeling behind. I like it mainly because it is quick to use and feels very nice in the hair.

    Rapsodine Balsam is also easy to apply and you do not need much for the whole hair, the texture is quite light and "slides out" on the hair and spreads well. I actually prefer conditioners that feel a little more creamy and thick, because I imagine that they are more moisturizing then, but I really like the result with this one anyway!

    As I said, these are perfumed but I think they smell very natural anyway, if I had guessed I would have thought that the scent was natural. But it smells very mild and good.

    After the shower, the hair feels lightly brushed and very soft and smooth, and airy! Just the way I like it. I would have liked to have seen a little more caring ingredients in the conditioner, I had a little more hair oil afterwards than I usually do. But I like them both very much!

    Summary - Natural, affordable and really good products :)


    The cork is one that you "push up".


    And here you see the textures a little better, the conditioner on the left and the shampoo (which is running off my hand) on the right.

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    Rapsodine has more products in its range, you can find them all :)

    Hugs are!

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