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    January is soon over and for many of us it is beginning to appear on the skin that it has been winter for a very long time.

    In collaboration with Sheer Cover, I now thought I would show you how to cure a tired and winter-dull complexion with the help of their basic products!


    A little difference huh? :)

    A tip even before you put on make-up is to do a "facial sauna" and then peel the face, because if the dead skin cells disappear, your natural luster will appear much more! Boil a saucepan of water, put your face over the steam for a while and then exfoliate the skin with a face peel.

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    I have used concealer, foundation, sun powder and makeup brushes from Sheer Cover and you will find all products on their website!


    Start by lightening the skin under the eyes with the concealer, and preferably also a little under the eyebrow.

    2. In the concealer palette there is also a white highlighter cream, apply it at the cupid's arch on the lips and in the corner of the eye.

    These two steps make you look fitter, and the highlighter cream also gives a nice glow that will shine through your foundation later! The important thing is to apply the creams very thinly and preferably let them dry a bit before continuing with your dry foundation.


    3. Apply the mineral foundation all over the face, and work it properly into the skin so that you buffer it into the pores and irregularities - then you get a more natural result and do not need as much of the product.


    4. To get the shape back in the face after applying a solid base, their bronzing palette is great. Apply the darker shadow in the deep parts of the face such as under the cheekbone, the sides of the nose, the sides of the chin, the temples and up a little towards the forehead.

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    The palette also contains a light shade that you can use as an extra highlighter if needed, then use a slightly smaller brush so that you do not happen to get the brown shade. Apply, for example, along the nasal bone, at the highest point of the cheekbones and in the middle of the chin.


    Then you're done! :)

    This post is sponsored by Sheer Cover. 

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    Helena Amiley
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