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A stippling brush is a make-up brush that is incredibly good when applying liquid foundation!

It has both short and long straws, and it's really only the longer straws you work with, the rest is just to give the brush shape and stability.

When I went to my airbrush training, I was advised to supplement with a brush like this on people with wrinkles, because it sort of works the product well into all the irregularities of the skin without you immediately having to "massage in" it as with other brushes.

But above all, it is a brush that is for liquid foundations with a little lighter coverage, e.g. bb creams and cc creams, for people who want a flawless but natural base.

I think it works really well on foundations with more coverage as well, the difference is that it is not directly suitable for covering large blemishes but then you have to supplement with concealer. But it is great for a complexion with large pores!

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A common misconception is that you use the one I show in the picture on the right, that you sort of massage the skin with it as with regular foundation brushes. But then you can just as well use a regular foundation brush.

Here's how I use a dotted brush:

1. Do not pour a click of foundation straight on the brush, but apply a little on the hand and then dip the brush in the foundation on the hand instead. This is to get an even amount of product without it becoming too much.


You only need foundation right at the tops, as you see in the picture.

2. Apply the foundation on the face with dangling movements, start with the areas that need more coverage (eg cheeks and forehead) and work your way out.

3. Then work with the brush in circular motions all over the face, to get a perfectly smooth and flawless surface. Do not press with the brush at all, just hold it so that it just touches the skin with the long strands!

stippling-brusch-how-to-use - copy

The result is incredibly even and nice!

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I use the Nanshy Stippling Brush that is in Masterful Collection at!


Shout out if you have any questions :)

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