Matte & glossy nails

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You know what?! :)

Now I have received another news item by, two different topcoats from Paese!

One top coat, Paese Matte Top Coat, make your nail polish matte! Also works on other nail polish brands that are not Paese.

The second varnish, Paese Diamond Hard Nail Base, is a super-strengthening transparent varnish that can be used both as a bottom and top coat, or completely alone on the nail. It contains diamond powder that makes the nails strong and hard, and is super good as you have fragile nails that easily fall off, slice or crack.

paese-matte-nails - copy

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Here you see Paese Nail Polish in shade 128! In the left picture I have the Diamond varnish over and in the right carpet picture you can see the result after Paese Matte Top Coat.

Nice huh? :)


Paint the nails as usual and let it dry, and then apply a layer of the matting top coat!


Paese Diamond Hard Nail Base works as both undercoat and topcoat. As an undercoat, the nail is protected from discoloration from colored varnish, and as an overcoat, you also get longer durability on the colored nail polish!


And the nicest of all is to mix I think! :) My favorite in the ring finger, to run half matte and half glossy on the diagonal. Extremely nice and above all simple, a small piece of tape only so you get sharp edges without hassle.

Both varnishes cost SEK 79 each, and you will find them here!

I really love Paese's nail polish, they provide coverage immediately (most colors), dry quickly and above all they last well. Do you want me to bring in more colors this spring? :)

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Hug ♥

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