Best pliers - HH Simonsen Deep Waver

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I love my new pliers ”HH Simonsen 360 ° ROD VS5 Deep Waver”Which makes deep wave curls in the hair! And I could not think of a better person to photograph the result than my friend Frida who has such amazing hair that you collapse with jealousy!

Frida's hair is also a good hair to test on before review, because it is so heavenly thick that with a bad pair of tongs it takes several hours to curl. I made that mistake once before and I do not do it again if you say so haha. Have also looped it a few times, fy phase what a job :)

But it went very well and here is the nice result:


Frida has recently turned copper red at Monica Werner in Uppsala, nice huh ??? :)

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♥ I like the pliers so much because first and foremost there are nice curls, but also because it is super easy to use and it goes fast like attan! You do not have to last long at all, and that was the first thing Frida said when I started "oh how fast it goes".

♥ You can easily vary if you want to take larger or smaller loops, it goes faster if you take larger and the waves become softer then, but if you want smaller waves and more power, you can simply attract smaller loops. Nice to mix too, I think, make both bigger and smaller curls so you get more life in your hair!

♥ The durability of the curls is also really good. My hair wants to get straight pretty fast even if I have a good hair spray, but with this tongs it lasts even the next day even though I slept on them! The spray I have used is from Living Proof.

♥ The cord is very long and I love it !!

♥ It is possible to "lock" the pliers so that it is kept closed, perfect when you have it packed in the bag.

♥ The most important detail for me is that it should be easy to use on itself, because I am so bad with hair and hairstyles. And it really is! I have tested other pliers but none that are this simple and good :)


* ROD VS5 creates big nice waves and movements.
* Teflon-covered surface that ensures a good glide and gives an effect of less frieze.
* Adjustable working temperature 150-210 ° C.
* Works in both USA and Europe, 110V and 240V respectively.
* 3 meter cord with pivot function.

I always curl with 180 degrees, because I learned at an event with ghd that it is the optimal temperature for durable curls with as little wear and tear as possible. At 180 degrees, the hair is at its most malleable, without it being so hot that the hair wears out. The hair melts over 200 degrees, so you should have the temperature even though it is possible.

The only thing that is a bit negative with the pliers is that the heat setting is just a small screw knob on the side, and it is easily accessible when you curl. So you have to double check sometimes so that you have not changed the heating setting.

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IMG_5044_111 - copy (2)

It's hard to get nice tops in this thick hair, I think, they kind of want to stick out when you have them in the tongs haha. Requires some practice on that front, but I'm not a hairdresser either :)

The cheapest price I find on the pliers is on where it only costs SEK 499 and then also included Carbon Clips, HH SIMONSEN Styling Brush and HH SIMONSEN Wet Brush!

Sounds almost too good to be true haha. At, the pliers cost SEK 890 and then nothing is included. And rec. price is SEK 1295 even. Maybe it's an old model that they want to sell out of (?) Because in the picture it has purple details but mine is completely black. I got my pliers from Monica, so I do not know :)

Anyway, two big thumbs up get it from me !!! ♥

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