Nice summer at Creative Zone

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    As you know, I'm a little behind in blogging when I've been away all weekend, but here are the before and after pictures from my hairdresser's visit this Thursday! :)

    I'm starting to go to Lynn on Creative Zone in Uppsala, and I will continue to do so! I feel in safe hands and she understands how I want it, while she is not afraid to be honest and come up with her own suggestions which I think is great fun!

    I get caught up very easily in boring habits with my hair because I am not familiar with myself what to do, as before when I just completely bleached the growth, I was done. I need someone who can come up with some ideas, even if the details are small, it makes a big difference for oneself.

    You do not have to either drive the same frilla all the time - or make a drastic change, there are lots of small changes you can make as well, and we already talked about something like this before the fall :)


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    summer fine hair

    This time the focus was on moving my hair out Hair Talk which had grown out extremely far, as well as brightening up my outgrowth.

    I had partly a few centimeters of natural outgrowth of my rat-colored shade, and then a warmer part before the color of the lengths which we conjured away with a few loops. We also kept the top hair a little, a little warmer, to get in some shifts which can be nice now in the summer!


    We have not dyed the lengths at all, but we turned a few loops of the loose hair in the other direction than I had before, which means that my darker parts come out a little more. I like that too! :)



    I have been asked a few questions about what numbers I have on my loose hair and I found out now, 613 and 8 are the colors I use! So now you know if you are eager to get Hair Talk :)



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    The hair is so wonderful now I think, so happy!

    The nicest thing is not to have to think about the attachments in the loose hair being visible, or feels  for that matter either! And it generally looks more well-groomed and fresh, me like!

    When you have only grown a few millimeters so that it is not really visible, but you get more "depth" in the scalp, then I always think it is the most beautiful and it will be around midsummer so it feels great, good timing :)

    What do you think? :)

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    Helena Amiley
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