Summery nail colors

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    I'm not that good at painting nails, usually do not do more advanced than one and the same color on all 10 fingers. Or good and good, I do not have the patience haha. But I have fallen in love with a summery color combination and therefore thought I would show you three different ways I have combined these nail polishes, to show how nice the colors are together!

    So you get some inspiration even if you do it yourself more skillfully later;)

    It is Paese Nail Polish I have used in shades 184 (pink), 179 (apricot) and 176 (green).



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    This is what it looks like if you paint the whole nail in the same color, but do a little different on different nails :)


    And here I made a combination with Paese's white nail polish in shade 102 too! A little more fun :) It was these nails yesterday's make-up was inspired by!

    And if you are more tidy, these are nice together in an ombre. My sister tested it on me for the first time last weekend, and it looked like this:


    The paint is on and costs SEK 49.

    Surely the color combo is great? Nice to just mix the green and the apricot-colored as well, or the pink and the apricot-colored :)

    Hugs are ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hey! Love your blog and all your wonderful tips! :) I love to paint my nails and always use base coat underneath. But as soon as I even touch it with water with my nails, air bubbles form under the varnish on the sides of the nail and shortly afterwards it flakes off.
      What is the cause and can I avoid it in any way? It's so boring to paint your nails when it then flakes off an hour later
      Grateful for answers!:)

      • Hey! What fun that you like the blog! :) Many people shake the nail polish bottle but you should not do that, then it can get bubbly. If you want to shuffle, it is better to roll gently between your hands. It can also be because the surface dries too quickly compared to the rest, so paint thin layers, and if you paint several, wait until the first layer has dried properly. Also paint with long strokes, if you make many short strokes it can also be bubbles. Air can also collect in the brush, so pull it off firmly against the edge of the bottle before you pick up the brush :)

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