Sun protection & bronzer in the décolleté

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    You have to be careful with sunscreen all over the body, of course, but in the way of makeup, the cleavage is an important issue that I have to address in time now in early summer.

    Darker (and often red) tan in the décolleté
    It's starting to be the time of year when it's tricky to test foundation shades on people and I'll explain why. If you are careless with sunscreen and spend a lot of time out in the sun, the cleavage will usually be much darker because it is exposed to the sun most of the whole body. When you are dressed, the cleavage is often open anyway, and if you sit in the sun you often have sunglasses, make-up and do not look straight at the sun all the time so the face does not get the same color.

    On many, the tan on the décolleté also gets a very red tone, because even if you do not feel that you have burned yourself, the skin is very sun-damaged there.

    Difficult to choose foundation shade
    When you are going to test a foundation color, it is important that the décolleté and the face are the same, more important than matching with the neck, I think. But if you have a light skin tone and slaves with the sunscreen as I wrote above, you often get a light neck, a tan tone on the face and a darker reddish brown tone on the décolleté. Not a completely easy combo.

    If you then match the décolleté in the dark, it will feel too dark on the person's face, and in addition, almost all foundations seem to be the wrong undertone because you compare with the red décolleté. And if you match the foundation exactly with the color of the neck or face, it looks too bright compared to the décolleté.

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    What do you do about the above problems? Use sunscreen on the cleavage already at the beginning of the summer! :) Then you avoid that makeup problem completely.

    Bronzer in the décolleté
    A quick and easy trick if you want extra tan is to use bronzer in the cleavage! It does not take much and it goes SUPER FAST with a large, soft makeup brush. Then you can use spf 50, you avoid damaging the fragile décolleté skin and still look tanned and fresh! Good, is not it? ;)

    This is what I do every day for a month now, sweep on quickly with sun powder on the neck and décolleté (not too dark, it should blend in with the rest of the body as well) and then a little up on the jawbones so that it blends in with my contouring of the face. An extra large brush makes it go faster, I use Nanshy Powder Brush, a blush brush takes longer.

    Tip! We rear out the bronzer palettes from Pixi in the webshop! SEK 299 for 6 shades (ordinary price SEK 369) in both shimmery and matte tones, so luxurious to vary I think :) Eg. has one of the shadows gold shimmer in it, so nice!


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