Curly hair with volume

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    I have never received so many compliments for my hair as now that I have become blonde again, great fun! And the recurring question lately is "how did you do your curls?".

    As you know, I am eager to permanent my hair so that I do not have to make my hair curly on my own all the time. But since it is freshly bleached, exactly every single hairdresser is about 100% skeptical of this haha so I have not dared it really yet.

    In the meantime, I take care of my hair as much as I can with wraps and a very gentle way to curl your hair - baked-in braids!

    The curls you get from regular braids have never been something I felt really good in, but there is a big difference between regular braids and baked-in (or baked-out) braids. When you make a baked braid, the curls only come from the scalp and it looks more like natural curls and you also get that nice volume!

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    I want to emphasize that the length of the hair and the bleached structure make it easier for the hair to become so fluff-curly. I am not saying that all hair can get this result.

    If I had done the same thing when my hair was completely untreated and long (so = a little heavier and not as malleable), it probably would not have been this effect as quickly and easily.

    1. Make two baked-in (or baked-out) braids in the evening
    Whether I have freshly washed hair or not, I have in Hair Shine & Gel before I braid my hair, then the curls become more defined and fine when I let my hair out in the morning.

    Shine & Gel is a gel that gives shine and stability to the hair, it does not contain silicones and does not make the hair frizzy (but you should still be quite sparse, small clicks go a long way!). Without it, the hair looks fresher. I want big and curly hair - but it should still look healthy :)

    On my tops it works to have a regular tassel, but there are smaller cords that you can use if you get marks or straight tops from regular tassels.

    The only thing you need to learn before is to make a baked-in or baked-out braid on yourself, but you should only sleep with it so it does not have to be nice as long as you make the braid end up higher on your head. So that's good!

    There are probably lots of movies on how to do if you watch youtube, but if you can make a regular braid, you can probably learn yourself quite quickly, I did. You do it in the same way as usual but take a little more hair for each loop. And as I said - it does not have to be nice!

    2. Sleep with the braids -> let your hair out in the morning.

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    This is what the hair looks like when you have just released the braids. No wow effect directly;)

    3. Ruffle your hair
    I spray dry shampoo that gives a little volume (Hairdresser Dry Shampoo) and then I turn my head upside down and massage the dry shampoo into the scalp and "rough up" the volume.

    But I only work with the fingers in the scalp, not in the lengths. The curls are already mild so if you brush your hair it will be more fluffy than "fluff-curly" if you understand what I mean? :) If you need to separate the curls more, you can test the headbang a bit instead.

    Usually I do not finish with hair spray, but if it is humid air outside, it can be a good idea. Apart from dry shampoo, I have not used any more volume product, but if you have heavier hair, you can probably have a volume mousse after the shower or similar.

    And then it looks like this! I like that it becomes lively but still not too "fixed", it is a happy hairstyle in some way that works for all occasions and outfits.

    Making two baked braids in the evening takes a little while, but it struck me just how extremely much faster and smoother it is than many other methods I have tried - such as tying small knots, various sock techniques etc. that did not work at all on my hair. Like when I blogged on and wrote this post or worse this post when the hair became disaster-bad haha!

    Why has no one just tipped me about baked braids before? :)

    Hugs are! ♥

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