Swatch - glo Skin Beauty Micro Browliner

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My absolute favorite eyebrow pencil right now is glo Skin Beauty Micro Browliner which we sell in my webshop!

This brow pencil quickly became a bestseller in the salon and many regular customers buy it again and again.

Here are swatch pictures of all the shades :)

What is glo Skin Beauty Micro Browliner?

simple eyebrow pencil

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When I was first introduced to this type of pen, I was a little skeptical "it must be super sharp with such a narrow pen" I thought. But oh how wrong I was! The texture of these pencils is a bit waxy and glides on the skin in a completely different way than a regular brow pencil.

So it's the other way around - very easy to get natural brows with this one! If you are light on the hand, it becomes a very soft and discreet color, if you work a little more, you can get a sharp and defined brow shape as well.

I myself usually do quite sharp in the lower edge and outer edge and the rest of the eyebrows quite soft.

Narrow eyebrow pencil best

At one end, the pen has a narrow point that is unscrewed. You get superb precision! And in others, the pen also has a spiral brush that I both use to comb the straws but also you can brush through the eyebrows a bit if you think it has become sharp somewhere.

The durability of glo Skin Beauty Micro Browliner is also superb, as soon as it dries it sits super well! You do not have to be afraid of accidentally accessing the brows and blurring the shape if you say so :)

Swatch images

swatch glo skin beauty micro browliner

Here you see all the shades next to each other!

Blonde: A light shade that has a little warmth in it.
Ash: An equally light shade as Blonde but colder in tone.
Light brown: A light brown cool shade that is a little darker than Blonde and Ash.
Auburn: A light red shade.
Dark brown: A dark brown cool shade
Raven: A dark brown shade that is even darker and colder than Dark Brown.

swatch bryn glo skin beauty

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Here you see all shades of glo Skin Beauty Micro Browliner. Sometimes it is easier to choose a shade when you see them on an eyebrow.

If you press harder with the pen, it will be darker than if you are light on the hand. So you can do some ombre effect that way.

I personally very often use two shades, a lighter in the inner edge and a darker in the outer edge, e.g. Ash and Dark brown are a favorite combo! But it's a bit of a premium maybe, I only do it because it's fun :)

Narrow eyebrows

SO good that the pencils are available in 6 shades!

Before, I did a video tutorial with two different ways on how to fill in the brows with just glo Skin Beauty Micro Browliner which you can watch as well :)

Note that glo Skin Beauty was previously called gloMinerals. So if you've heard of these from gloMinerals before, they've exactly the same pens. Only the name has changed.

Buy the eyebrow pens in my webshop here!

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