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    Choosing the right foundation shade is not the easiest thing to do, and also doing it online with only "animated" pictures of the shades does not simplify things.

    About a week ago, I received a request in a comment from someone who asked if I could show swatch pictures of the foundation Pressed Base Foundation from the mineral brand glo Skin Beauty, and I have had plans for it for a very long time but have not gotten shot, but now I have done it! :)

    Pressed Base Foundation is a mineral foundation in pressed form that comes in a nice, matte box with magnetic closure and mirror in the lid. Very nice packaging (note the brand has recently changed its packaging so our warehouse is currently mixed with new and old packaging).

    Tips on how to choose the right shade over the internet!
    Start by looking at the swatch images and select some shades that you think might fit.

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    2. Read the descriptions of these shades and see which one fits best in how you would describe your skin tone. For example. if you choose between the Golden series and the Natural series, you can read about what suits you best from the outside if you are more yellow or more neutral.

    3. Be aware that the images may vary depending on which screen you are looking at, my MAC computer does not have the same color settings as my old Samsung mobile. So compare the shades with each other e.g. "It is warmer and brighter than it" in combination with how the shades are described in text.

    4. If you choose between two shades, choose one that feels like the "right category" rather than the right dark / brightness mode. If you e.g. is a Golden medium and happens to buy a Golden light, it is usually no disaster because when you have applied concealer, contouring, blush, etc., it blends in well anyway because the difference is quite small. If, on the other hand, you choose a shade from the Beige series, the difference to your own skin tone will be much greater, even if the shade is neither too light nor too dark.

    You can buy Glo Skin Beauty Pressed Base HERE (link) <-

    The shades are divided into different series depending on your undertone, Natural, Golden, Beige, Honey, Chestnut, Tawny and Cocoa. These "categories" of colors contain several shades with different dark modes from Fair to Dark.

    Natural series
    Three shades, fair, light and medium. Suitable for you with neutral skin tone with peach to yellow undertones.

    In our store there is also the fourth shade "dark" but we have chosen not to sell it in the webshop as it is very unusual that it is usually a wrong purchase. But if you want it online, you can email us and we will help with that.

    Golden series
    Three shades, light, medium and dark. Suitable for you with a warm skin tone with yellow to olive undertones.

    Beige series
    Three shades light, medium and dark. Suitable for you with a cold skin tone with a peach undertone.

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    The Honey series
    Four shades, fair, light, medium and dark. Suitable for you with a warm skin tone with yellow to olive undertones.

    Chestnut series
    Two shades, light and medium. Suitable for you with a warm skin tone with a deep yellow to olive undertone.

    Tawny series
    Two shades, light and medium. Suitable for you with a neutral skin tone with a deep peach undertone.

    Cocoa series
    Three shades, light, medium and dark. Light is warmer with a peach undertone while Medium and Dark are cooler reddish brown.

    10 most common shades:
    Light skin tone: Natural fair, Natural light, Golden light
    Light to medium skin tone: Golden medium, Golden dark, Honey light.
    Medium skin tone: Honey medium, Tawny light
    Medium to dark skin tone: Cocoa light, Cocoa medium.

    Other things to think about regarding the new choice of Pressed Base Foundation:
    The coverage is buildable and if you apply a thin layer, the shade adapts a bit to your natural skin tone underneath. If, on the other hand, you apply a comprehensive result, it is more important to find a perfectly suitable shade.

    The neck is usually lighter than the face / décolleté. This is how you match your foundation with the neck but is darker on the décolleté so the whole main part can look too light. Do not forget to check the shade on the décolleté and rather put make-up on the neck so that the color blends together if there is a big difference.

    Beige medium, Beige dark and Natural medium are quite unusual (but occur of course!) Because if you are darker than Beige light and Natural light, most of them go a little in the warmer direction. I write this only because it can be helpful if you are unsure, do you choose between e.g. Beige medium and Golden dark so the odds are statistically greater that Golden dark will fit better.

    In this picture I have the shade Honey Fair. My skin tone is light but with a little tan left after the sun holiday.

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    You can buy Glo Skin Beauty Pressed Base HERE (link) <-

    Hope someone else feels that the post was helpful ♥



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      • Totally agree! In this case, however, I think that they mean that the series is neutral, ie neither hot nor cold, and not that it is natural. But it's really frustrating in this industry, like when companies name light lipsticks "nude" or people who say "skin color" light beige, it's gonna happen!

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