Swedish Beauty & Cosmetics Awards 2017

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    As I wrote in the post with yesterday's make-up so I was at the Swedish Beauty & Cosmetics Awards yesterday and it was so successful!

    The gala was in the Blue Hall at City Hall (same as the Nobel party!) And Daniel Paris and Jessica Almenäs were presenters. We were invited to a 3-course dinner and the atmosphere was really on top all evening! Beauty Awards is a bit like the beauty industry's Oscars, but with nominated products instead of actors. You can see all nominations and winners Beautyawards.nu :)

    My last train to Uppsala left at 00.09 (the gala started at 19.30 so it's really long!) So I unfortunately had to slip away before all the prizes were awarded. But no sour faces when you got your goodie bag on the way out! So it was really huge! I got lactic acid in my arms after only 10 meters, which in itself does not say much with my small non-existent muscles;) but still. It's going to be so much fun going through it this weekend!

    I did not bring a camera with me because it is still so difficult to take good pictures in such dark environments, I think. But I found some pictures on Facebook! At Greenpix on FB you can see pictures from the gala and all the nice people :)

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    And on my Insta Story there are lots of movies from the evening that you can watch for a few more hours! Among other things, a film from when Linda's hat blew into the water and a diver bubbled up next to it and fished it up hahaha! You can see all the movies on my instagram @ imakeyousmile.se.

    Half past two I went to bed last night, then got up and worked after a few hours of sleep. Feels a little tender but soon I will do a party make-up on a childhood friend, then record a film about how a ucw treatment goes at the salon, and after that Annika invites to dinner because she has name day today! So little coffee and Celsius on it, I'm on top again;)

    Hugs are! ♥

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