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New Year's makeup inspiration

Tomorrow it explodes, then New Year's Eve is here! :) Both me and Sandra are on site at the salon with the makeup brushes in full swing, it is possible to ...

New Year's make-up

Now it's close, tomorrow it's bang, New Year's Eve is here soon! Of course, even today's make-up is therefore a glittery New Year's make-up, what else :) A silvery and ...

Wish make-up - New Year's make-up for Rumbarött

Magdalena said ... "Hello there! Have a little make-up wish!

Wish make-up - Blue-silver New Year's make-up

"My New Year's dress is dark blue with silvery crochet at the top. I would have liked a make-up with dark blue and white / silver. Not glittery, but preferably with shimmer! ...

Wish make-up - Golden brown New Year's make-up

"Hi! On New Year's, I thought I would wear a gold glittery outfit and want to match the make-up as well!