Tattoo eyebrows

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    I get a lot of emails with questions about permanent makeup, especially eyebrow tattoos are popular and this is exactly the area I get the most questions about.

    Many have even misunderstood my posts (I guess that's when people look at the blog quickly via Google) and asks where my salon is located and thinks that I am the one who does the tattoos, so to clarify I write already at the beginning of this post that it is Annika Söderlund on Creative Make Up who does all the permanent makeup which I blog about :)

    With that said, I thought I would show a pair of super nice eyebrows that Annika made on a customer a few weeks ago, I have seen them in real life and they are sooo heavenly beautiful, what a transformation!


    Nice huh? The picture was taken immediately after treatment and is therefore a little darker and a little sharper than what the end result will be.

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    I can say that there are incredibly few who are as good at permanent makeup as Annika is, and you can not expect such beautiful eyebrows at many other salons. Many people do permanent makeup on the side of something else, e.g. mainly works with nails or skin care, but it goes without saying that a person who has worked full time with tattoos for almost 10 years has much more experience and above all skill.

    Annika gets customers from all over Sweden who want to get a tattoo with her, and since I work with makeup at the salon, I can tell you that she is fully booked for several months now and the first available times are not until September!

    Many people call and say "I have been thinking about this for several months now and have decided that now I will do it before the summer!" and it is so sad to have to say that he would have booked already at the first thought to have time to get an appointment. Annika has a re-offer list that you can sign up for, but there are about 50 pieces written on it already so the chance is very small.

    But those who are waiting for something good :) And you who want to do it during the autumn / winter - book now!


    I should also mention that many people ask if Annika tattoos with 3D technology / hair technology, and yes it is a kind of hair technology but she has developed her own technology over the years which is not like other people's classic 3D tattoos.

    Shout out if you have more questions :) ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hello again!

      Glad you were so happy!
      Just thought that if you want to see my result you can look at my blog ( Have also linked to you which I hope is ok ?!
      Nice summer to you too!
      Hug Pia

    2. Hey!
      Just thought of writing and thank you for all the posts about eyebrow tattoos. My own is (was) a disaster, only grew sparsely and in half. Thanks to your posts, I took courage and booked an appointment with Annika. Was there almost two weeks ago and am super happy. Now they have healed and I will be back in the beginning of July for some adjustments, I want them a little darker so it should probably be possible to arrange. Many people wonder why I went all the way to Uppsala (live outside Södertälje so it took me two hours to go) and then I say that I went to the one I heard should be the best!
      Just thought I'd give some feedback on one of all your great posts.
      Hug Pia

      • Lovely you! How nice of you to take the time to write to me just to give positive feedback, it makes me very happy :) Super fun that you are so happy with your eyebrows, Annika is cruel! Your comment warms up a lot, hope you have a super wonderful summer! Hug hug :*

    3. Hi. Do you know the difference between 3D and taffty? Here where I live, there just seems to be taffty technology. Is it good? Grateful for answers :)

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