Permanent eyelashes (Lash Lift)

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    At the salon, I get many questions about permanent eyelashes (Lash Lift), which means that you bend them up so that they are constantly curved. Perfect for summer if you do not want mascara, or if you want mascara but have difficulty keeping them bent and do not have the strength to fight with eyelash curlers and waterproof mascara every single day.

    I do not do these treatments myself, I only dye lashes and fix eyebrows, but Jeanette at the salon permanently lashes and works four days a week (Monday-Friday, but not Thursdays) so you can go to her :)

    But on Thursday, Jeanette wanted help to fix hers, it's a bit difficult on her own, so then I had to test her and now that I know more exactly how everything works, I thought I would write a post about it!

    permanent eyelashes

    permanent lashes

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    So here you see a picture of my first eyelash permanent! You who are professionals in this may see a lot of mistakes, it was difficult to take instructions and learn from someone who himself could not see what you were doing haha. But the end result was good in any case!

    My system camera died after 2 pictures and I had forgotten the charger at home, so you have to settle for bad mobile pictures unfortunately. Hope that's okay! Of course I forgot the before and after pictures as well. But publish old pictures of my own lashes at the end of the post so you see the principle anyway :)

    Permanent eyelashes, how do you do it ?:

    1. You choose coils based on what you want for results and what customers have for lashes. There are different sizes depending on how long the lashes are, but you can also take different shapes - a more rounded and thick shape gives a soft and fine bend, while a flatter coil gives a sharper bend.

    2. Glue the spool along the fringe edge, as close to the lashes as possible.

    3. The glue is also applied on the outside, and then you pull up the lashes and stick them on the spool.

    4. Then apply a cream that opens up the hair shaft. This works for a quarter.

    5. After the effect, the cream is wiped off and then another cream is applied which closes the hair and causes it to bend as it lies. This also works for a quarter.

    6. Fringes and coil are removed with a glue remover, this one was out of stock now so I used hot water instead, it worked but was damn fussy!

    7. If you also want to color the lashes, this can be done immediately after the permanent treatment. Not before, because the permanent can cause the paint to come off.

    eyelash permanent lash lift

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    Here are my lashes! On the model they are completely natural and on the model I have both colored and permanent them on Creative Makeup.

    Eyelash coloring:

    Processing time: about 20 min
    Holding: about 4-6 weeks
    Kostar: See price list on Creative Makeup
    The durability varies quite a lot depending on, for example, how much you wash your face. If you swim in chlorine or salt water and sunbathe a lot, the color fades faster.

    People who think that they can dye their lashes to avoid using mascara, are sometimes disappointed with the result because coloring only makes the lashes blacker. (Mascara gives the lashes a little more volume, because it settles as a layer on the outside of the hair itself.)

    Eyelash permanent:

    Processing time: about 60 min
    Holding: about 6-10 weeks
    Kostar: See price list on Creative Makeup
    As with regular hair permanence, the shelf life also varies on eyelash permanence. It depends on what hair quality you have.

    I usually briefly say that the eyelashes last until the straws are replaced naturally, which is very individual but between about 4-8 weeks is usually normal. And the result after both color and permanent does not disappear overnight, but some of the treated lashes may have already been sitting for several weeks, while others are newer, so when the lashes are replaced over and over again, the effect of the treatment disappears more and more.


    Shout out if you have any questions about permanent eyelashes! :)

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    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Have just done a permanent and coloring of eyelashes. So dissatisfied and sad. The lashes have fallen off in the middle of one eye and they do not look like a fan. At the far end they are so curved at an angle and in some parts of the eye they are gone 😞 color 👍 but never more permanent 👎

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