Tbt - My first make-up consultation!

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    I love that I love my job, do you understand the feeling?

    I often get a intoxication through my whole body, even incredibly small things can make me really happy. And then Miska often laughs at me (in a heartfelt way) because I get so red-flamed on the chest, so there as some get when we are hot, stressed, nervous or the like. ”Are you warm?” ”no I just get so eager and happy!" Lol. And it can be as little as trying a new makeup brand or so :)

    Today I got that feeling of intoxication, because all the make-up I have done at Creative Make Up lately has been consultations - and then I have always only used gloMinerals which are sold at the salon now, because products are included in the price so I only show things that can be traded. But today I have two test make-ups booked (I have bridal make-up two weekends in a row now) and then I can choose any brand!

    So now I have packed the make-up bag, and it is basically only products from Byher.se :) And then it also struck me that in just one month, all consultations will also be done with them, it will be so much fun!


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    Therefore, a little fittingly offers a picture from my very first make-up consultation I held at Creative Make Up! It was my classmate who had bought it as a Christmas present for his mother, I was still in high school and I remember how professional I felt being in the salon all alone when it was the weekend.

    Oh what fun it would have been if it was on film, so I could have listened today :)

    On February 4, 2012, these photos were taken!


    I have had time to cut my hair and let it grow long again at this time :)

    Now I have to run to the bus, hug you ♥

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