Teeth whitening at home vs clinic

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I have bleached my teeth at home a few times, and the only brands I have been able to recommend are those that contain bite splints that you can shape yourself. I have not even been able to test the others, because my teeth that are not straight do not fit in the mold.

But in terms of results, there are two differences that I have reacted to when it comes to the professional bleaching that I did yesterday, which stands out compared to home bleaching. And that is:

1. The even result! The clinic whitening becomes so much smoother and finer on the teeth, it becomes so fine along the gum line and there are really no yellow shifts left on the teeth. My canines otherwise have a tendency to not be as white as the rest of the front teeth, but they are now!

And if you bleach at home, you do not have much control over stains, tartar and things that can make the bleaching uneven, it is checked up and removed if you bleach at the clinic.

The white result! I thought I had white teeth before, and I especially thought my teeth were white after the home bleaching I have done before. But now I see that they can actually be WHITE! :) Super fun with such a big difference!

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I try to make a flirtatious wink at the picture, but can not really determine if I succeed or if I just look incredibly bothered haha.

In addition, I must also add that the home bleaching for me did not last super long, maybe because they did not turn as white as they are now. But this bleaching should last for about 5 years (probably more for me who has such good teeth and takes good care of them) so if you think long-term, it is definitely worth the money to bleach at the clinic!

For those of you who have missed my post about bleaching that I did yesterday, click here! :)

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