Testing the 180 palette!

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    It was a late night at Frida's house yesterday, we got such inspiration from the 180 palette that we made each other up to type 2 o'clock at night!
    We only tested eye shadows, so the make-up does not look really clear because we skipped mascara :)
    Could have done much better if I had a liquid eyeliner. Thick eyeliner pen that you have to press with for king and forsterland for it to give color is not recommended, haha!
    It's so fun to see people learn from me and my makeup blog. That's one of the big reasons why I'm doing it! Frida is a faithful "student" and she did the following make-up on me yesterday:
    Not bad huh! :)
    When applying makeup just to play and test the makeup, why do the same makeup on both eyes? Now we got 4 make-ups instead of 2.
    Surely we were smart !? :)
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