The world's smartest pillows!

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    Pixi then, what a brand! They have such clever products that I get completely speechless sometimes :)

    If you have oily skin, powder in loose form is the very best to improve with during the day, but it is a bit messy on the go and this is what it usually looks like when I sit on the bus:

    1. I dig in the bag for several minutes to find powder, brush and mirror in the chaos.
    2. The mirror and brush are allowed to lie in my lap while I open the powder jar, gently, gently.
    3. It dusts and I spill a little, and brush it off quickly, hoping no one watches.
    4. I hold the jar tightly with one hand, and try to gently dip the brush in the powder without getting up too much, but it always becomes too much.
    5. I close the lid on the powder, and instead pick up the mirror that I look at when I sweep the powder over my face, at the same time as a cloud of dust forms around my head because I have too much powder in the brush.
    6. I pray to god that the result was even and nice, and then quickly down with everything in the bag again before I attract more attention.

    And hopefully you can end everything like that, without any major disasters happening on the road - which is not too unusual, sudden decelerations for example;)

    But Pixi has a powder that solves all these problems!

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    My new routine:
    I just need to look in the bag for a single product.
    2. I open the lid of the jar.
    3. I dab on the skin with the built-in powder puff that gives a fair amount of powder without the risk of spillage or dust clouds, while I look in the mirror on the top of the lid.

    So easy!

    The jar of loose powder has, as I said, a puff that is stuck, with a hole in the middle on the underside that releases a fair amount of powder when you dab it against the skin. So.himla.fiffigt :)

    It is transparent and extremely light, and you can improve on it as many times as you like without the result being uneven or cakey.

    The powder consists mostly of minerals and cornmeal, but also contains:
    Aloe vera & cucumber extract that have soothing effects
    Powder from real pearls that protect the skin
    Grape extract that acts as an antioxidant

    IMG_4660_111Just pick up, open, hold the lid (mirror) in front of you and matte your face. In this picture you see me last night after the birthday celebration, from super oily to a completely smooth and matte complexion with only this product.

    Pixi Quick Fix Powder is available for purchase at :)

    Now I'm going to go to Uppsala, have four make-up bookings like this on the morning twig so it's full roll. Hope you get a great start to the new week!

    Hugs are ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Has a similar can of blush and is really very easy to use and super practical to take with you!
      Would this product work with mineral powders do you think? I use Tikei's mineral foundation and love it, great for my sensitive skin, but I get easily oily on the nose and cheeks after a few hours and when I then improve with the mineral powder, it often gets a little cakey. So I was wondering if this could be good?

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