Microneedling - At home with Swiss Body Roller

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    I have tested microneedling at home, have you heard of it? Even if it does not ring a bell immediately, I still think that many of you have seen the famous roller Swiss Skin Roller which has been very much described recently, and has among other things won "Innovation of the Year" at the Swedish Beauty & Cosmetics Awards 2015.

    In addition to reading thousands of blogs, I have also heard my sister talk a lot about the results after rolling her face regularly. So I became extremely curious when I got home a press sample of Swiss Body Roller that is to be used on the body!

    The other day I tried to roll myself for the first time and now I thought I would offer a post with both info, and my first impression of the product :)

    Microneedling - At home with Swiss Body Roller

    What is microneedling?

    The roller has small, small needles on it, and when you roll it against the skin, you "trick" the skin into healing itself, as you stimulate the growth of new connective tissue and skin cells, which in turn smoothes out irregularities and gives you a healthier complexion. This is a treatment that you can either do at a salon, or with this home treatment from Swiss!

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    I have the Body Roller which is larger than the one for the face + has longer needles, and it is mainly developed to treat cellulite.

    Cellulite, stretch marks and enlarged pores are conditions that occur on the skin due to a lack of collagen and / or elastin in the skin, and what the role does is to primarily accelerate skin rejuvenation and form collagen, and thanks to the small holes in the skin, the cream you apply afterwards is absorbed more easily and becomes much more effective.

    Therefore, cellulite creams are also included in the kit with the Body Roller, which you must apply after use. Thanks to the roller, the gel is absorbed 400 times more (!) And you should preferably roll in the evening so that the gel works during the night when you sleep.

    My first impression of the Swiss Body Roller

    My feeling after the first use was very positive! The needles do not hurt at all, I just have a little hard to roll the thighs because I think it tickles a little hard haha, but you probably get used to it very quickly I think. But very nice to use actually, and afterwards it did not feel at all, no irritation in the skin or the like.

    I do not have much cellulite to show before and after pictures of, but when I have landed after all the stress with the new store, I will start using this more regularly and see what I notice for difference. Because in addition to cellulite, it should give very smooth, soft and tightened skin. Also, I have some scars that would be fun to see if you see a difference :)

    But as I said - If you are afraid that it will hurt, I can say that there is no danger! And the creams afterwards sink really well into the skin and have a very mild scent. Really great to use in other words, which is important as you have to do it regularly for a few weeks.

    Microneedling At home with Swiss Body Roller

    Here you see the whole kit that I got home! One roller, two creams and a Sanitizing Spray that disinfects the roller after use.

    How to do microneedling at home?

    1. Clean the area to be treated.
    Roll with the roller over the area (preferably in the evening) and roll in different directions for best effect. Roll 3-4 times in the same direction before changing direction.
    3. Lubricate the skin with Swiss Eraser GEL.
    4. Spray Swiss Sanitizing Spray on the roller to clean it.
    5. Let the cream work overnight, and the next morning lubricate the area with Swiss Eraser CREAM that works for the rest of the day. Then you do not have to roll.

    If the skin becomes irritated by the roller, you can take a break from the roller for a few days, but you can still use the creams :) It is individual how fast you see results, but the most common is when you have rolled for 6-8 weeks.

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    Microneedling At home with Swiss Body Roller

    Swiss Clinic is available for purchase Nordicfeel.se.

    Have any of you tested microneedling for the skin? :) ♥

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    1. Seems to be a good, healing thing that I read a lot about before :) and will definitely test myself sometime. But, there are much cheaper demo roles. Fortunately. Everything from under 200, to the price you entered.

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