Throwback thursday - makeup

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    One of the most fun things about having a blog is checking out old posts, you see so concretely how much happens in just one year and how much you develop!

    I had already developed enormously last summer if you compare December-May, and since then my pictures have gotten even better, and just purely photographically, the blog has higher quality now :)

    So damn inspiring, think how much I've developed next year. Remind me next May to read this post again haha.

    Thought for fun to offer two make-up that I did exactly one year ago:


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    Colorful eyes :)

    Had quite a lot outgrown if I remember correctly, therefore I have cut half the head haha. Now I kind of have this long hair without extensions from Hairtalk, which I had then! However, I miss the thickness enormously. Will probably be a thickening in the future.


    Love colorful makeup ♥


    Here is a more down-to-earth look, also incredibly stylish! Still love this golden shade and had it last in yesterday's makeup actually :)


    I did step-by-step make-up on both of these, both the colorful one ”tropical makeup"And the golden"sun kissed”As I named that post :) Click on the links if you want to take a closer look!

    Speaking of development, check out my eyebrows in this old post as I wrote in December 2010. I do not even intend to publish the picture here because I am kind of ashamed for very. Disaster. Best sentence under the last picture too ”My eyebrows are not styled with hair spray yet so they are a bit crazy, but you see the eyes anyway!”Jaaa because it's the dee that is the biggest problem * bangs his head on the table * hahaha.

    In any case, you can see how much difference exercise can make, I can, so can you!

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    Anyway, now I'm going to pluck some eyebrows at Creative Make Up and hope that none of my future customers will go into that old post: D

    Kiss hug! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Guuud va fun to see a little "old"! Have been reading your blog for almost two years and you are supergryyyym! Would be fun in the future if you kept doing some throwback thursday or something from time to time :) hugs!

    2. Oh, surely it's fun to check out old posts? I can also look back to maybe 2010, and see how much has evolved! Now I am far from as cruel as you are, but always fun to see your progress and get inspiration to continue to develop! =)

    3. Oh how nice the golden make-up was. you can not make a "step by step" pictures or video on it. want to teach me it :-) and what you use for shadow and brushes for.

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