Ti Rivoire Sheet Mask

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    I have tested a fun face mask from the brand Ti Rivoire that I was going to show you now, they have "sheet masks" which are a cotton mask soaked in serum that you put on the face just like a mask :)


    What is Ti Rivoire Sheet Mask?
    These do not work like a regular face mask, but are rather a serum that works extra long to give the skin a real boost! The mask replaces both toner and serum, and after you have used this, you only need to finish with your regular day or night cream.

    How to use the mask?
    Step 1 - Cleanse the skin
    Step 2 - Apply the mask and let it work for 15 minutes.
    Step 3 - Remove the mask and massage the excess serum into the skin.
    So, do not rinse off the mask.
    Step 4 - Finish with your regular day or night cream

    Recommended use is either every day, or about 3 times a week.

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    What are the properties of the mask for the skin?
    I have received a press sample the introductory package which contains 4 masks, 2 "Missy" which is for all skin types, especially dry skin, and 2 "Lady" which is more adapted for mature skin.

    Missy is specially developed for the Scandinavian climate, and contains, among other things, a mixture of highly concentrated rose water. The mask moisturizes the skin and makes it feel fresh. Rose water balances the skin's pH value, moisturizes and, strengthens the skin's resistance to stress and climate, and helps the skin to recover.

    Lady is specially developed for mature skin, it contains a high concentration of collagen and aloe vera which helps the skin's elasticity which reduces the appearance of wrinkles, while moisturizing and making the skin feel fresh.


    What do I think?
    The mask is simple and a little fun to use, it feels nice and cooling on the skin, which is nice in the morning. The cotton mask is really soaked in the serum, which makes it feel worth wearing it for 15 minutes, compared to just lubricating a click as you do otherwise.

    After you have removed the cotton mask itself, it is easy to lubricate the excess in the skin, you feel a little sticky for about 2 minutes but then it sinks in and then the skin becomes huge and soft!

    The skin feels very cold (not a cold feeling, but it gets really cold) which I do not know if it is due to the serum itself or the fact that you have a wet mask on for a quarter of an hour. But the cold is nice and good anyway if you are a little swollen in the face when you have woken up.

    I do not notice any direct difference between the two different masks actually, get the same result and feeling of both. It is well with regular use that you can see greater results. I can not comment on any long-term effect as I have only received 4 masks.

    But the mask gets two thumbs up from me anyway! I like to use them and the idea that it replaces toner and serum I also like, you may not have time to use them so every day but the days you need it more / want luxury to the morning routine a bit, it's wonderful!

    Perfect as a fun gift too :)

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    A mask costs SEK 40, but there are different packages you can buy and then you get a quantity discount. Available for purchase at tirivoire.com!


    The face I made when Miska stood next to the camera and mocked how I looked in the mask… haha!

    Hugs are :)

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