Tips for long nails

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    All my life I have thought that I simply do not have the genes to get long and nice nails. They have always been soft and so thin that they are basically transparent, and have sliced and gone all the time.

    But about a year ago, I became more and more careful with my nail care, and I notice such a huge difference! My nails get so long that I have to cut them with nail scissors (has never happened before), they are much stronger and also they are not transparent at all anymore.

    The changes I have made are not really that big so I thought I would share my tips with you today!

    This is what my nails look like completely without nail polish right now:


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    And here are my top tips:

    1. Lubricate the cuticles !!
    This is probably what has made the biggest difference. I have heard that you should lubricate the cuticles three times a day, I have not been really that good but at least once a day at least. I have not used only one product all the time but tested a little different, both creams and oils. The most important thing is to use a thin product with such small molecules that it goes into the thin skin around the nails. I like oils the most, e.g. pure argan oil!

    2. Do not peel under the nails
    I do not really know what the skin under the nails is called on "real", nail plate? Anyway, it will be like a support for the nail so it is good if it can be as long as possible. Therefore, do not peel with sharp objects under the nails! It is best if the nail is stuck in the skin only at the fingertips. You see what I mean by the markings in the picture above.

    Use acetone-free nail polish remover
    I always used remover with acetone when I removed the nail polish before. It both stinks and dries out, not good at all! Now I use Paese Nail Polish Remover which is acetone-free and both nourishes the nails (with vitamins E, F and glycerin) and smells good of tropical fruits!

    There are of course lots of other nail tips as well, but it is these three points that are the only ones I have personally done differently :)


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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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