Today's look - All micro

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Only I like love narrow micro-pens? :)

I really like painting with such make-up pencils, I feel so creative with one in my hand in some way and always want to paint more haha!

Today's look is made with micro-pencils on both eyebrows, lips and eyes, hope you like the look :)

gloMinerals Micro Brow Pencil in the shade Dark Brown I have filled in the eyebrows with, it is SO SO good! Use them here every day nowadays.

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And gloMinerals Micro Eye Pencil in the shade Charcoal I have as eyeliner :) And actually a tiny bit of the brow pencil too, you can see it more clearly in the step by step collage further down in the post.

These eyeliners are so heavenly good, you can make both sharp lines and easily erase if you want a softer or smoky eyeliner. Also available in black, brown and green. Even in dark blue but it ends gloMinerals with (do not understand why it is so nice!) And we only have one left in stock now! Navy is called the shade of blue.

And my new favorite thing - eyebrow pencil on the lips! :) I can not say that this formula is perfect to use on the lips directly but I love the color, brown but very cold. I have used the same as on the eyebrows, gloMinerals Micro Brow Pencil (Dark Brown). Fint va? :)

Face primer - Paese Makeup Base (Matte)
Concealer - gloMinerals Under Eye Concealer (beige)
Foundation - gloMinerals Pressed Base (Golden Medium)
Contouring - Pixi Book Of Beauty Contour Creator
Rouge - Paese Powder Blush (35)
Fixing mist - Pixi makeup fixing mist

Gray eyeliner is so heavenly nice!

  1. Paint the pen at the bottom of the lash line and down like a "spike" in the corner of the eye
  2. Fill in the entire lash line
  3. Draw a line from the outer corner of the eye and outwards
  4. Shape the eyeliner wing
  5. Fill in with a little brown pencil at the end of the eyeliner and in the spike in the corner of the eye (I used the brow pencil but the gray one is available in brown as well if you want a proper eyeliner)
  6. White eye shadow under the eyeliner and in the corner of the eye, Paese cashmere (601)
  7. Black mascara on all lashes, Magnetic lash mascara

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What do you think? ♥


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