Turquoise and gray make-up

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    The blog craving came back after about 2 hours, but then I discovered that Hanna did not have her system camera with her to school, and I had forgotten my digital camera.
    So just when I was about to write that I will not be able to blog all week, so knocked Nico at the door and said I could borrow her digital camera! She's too kind :)
    Will probably still not be able to do any step by step makeup this week. But it will probably be quite simple make-up that you can probably fix without my help;) If nothing else, you will at least get the inspiration!
    turquoise and gray make-up
    (The pictures are snappy after I gym!)
    TurkOs/minlintärgrislandn eye shadow (which, however, sees light blue out in the picture, although it is more green) along the eyeball and throughout lower the lash line.
    Gray eye shadow on the eyelid.
    Black eyeliner pen on internal eyelash line and liquid eyeliner on upper.
    // (The pictures were taken after I've worked out!)
    Turquoise / military green eyeshadow (although looks blue in the picture, though it is more green) along the eyeball and the lower lash line.
    Gray eyeshadow on the eyelid.
    Black eye pencil on the inner lash line and liquid eyeliner on top.
    Kisses and good night!
    // Kiss goodnight!
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