UCW Treatment - How It Works

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I have written a bit about UCW here in the blog before, a cleansing clay treatment that we started with at the salon that pulls slag and toxins out of the body.

The skin gets more radiance and the whole body is cleansed!

In addition, the tissues in the skin are compressed so that you lose several centimeters, at least 15 cm if you have excess slag in the body. That guarantee does not apply if you are skinny already, we have done two treatments at the salon on very thin people who lost 11.5 cm. But we have also had a customer who lost a full 27 cm! Galet :)

I took some photos when we did this treatment on Annika to show how it works:


1. First you measure at different measuring points on the body which you draw with a pen so that you can measure in exactly the same place afterwards

Annika has her own lace panties in the pictures but we have disposable panties in the salon so you do not have to think about that.


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2. Then wrap the whole body in the wraps that have been in mud and warm water.

IMG_2923_111 IMG_2934_111

The chin is also wrapped, where it is very common for a lot of slag to collect. We had a customer who lost 2cm on her bare chin, and she was young and very slim.


Here is happy Ida who is one of those who performs the UCW treatment at the salon :)


3. When everything is wrapped and ready, you put on a "space suit" to keep the heat as much as possible. And then you lie down and relax for an hour.

IMG_2942_111You can also permanent eyelashes during the period of effect, then you get a cheaper package price :)

UCW 1 person - 1995: -
Buddy price 2 people - 1595: - per person
Package price eyelash permanent and UCW - SEK 2,300

Call to book - 018 10 50 13.

Hug! ♥

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