Warning for salons with fake marketing

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    I get so frustrated, angry and sad every time someone contacts us at Creative Makeup By Her who has been to another salon and had their face ruined with ugly permanent makeup tattoos. IT IS NOT OK to tattoo someone on the face IF YOU ARE BAD at tattooing! There is no excuse !!

    You have no idea how often this happens and how many tattoos we have to save. It is not every now and then but several every month! And I'm always dumbfounded at how people dare to go and get tattoos on anyone when it comes to the face.

    But most of the time it is not just the customer who has taken a chance and "hoped" for a good result in a trash place in a basement, or who has opted for a super cheap tattoo in Poland, but most are done at nice skin and nail salons who have lots of nice pictures in their social media.

    And how come then? Well, because there are so many salons that spread false marketing and pictures taken by other salons. It's awful!

    This morning I was tipped off by a customer who checked out a salon in Solna who has used our photos:

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    Screenshot 2016-05-25 10.08.09

    Here are e.g. an eyebrow tattoo made by Annika.

    My make-up pictures are used here and there in other people's channels, both by people who do not suggest that it is they who took the pictures (but also do not link or refer to me) and by people who outright lie and say that it is their pictures.

    I have stopped caring about make-up now, I think it's really disgusting but it's still not the whole world to get an ugly make-up from someone. It can be washed off. I used to comment before when I saw my make-up on other people's channels, but now I am tired of all the answers like “no I have not taken the picture of you! I found it on Google ”by puckon who does not even know how Google works but thinks it is a general image bank.

    BUT when it comes to permanent makeup, a cosmetic tattoo that should sit around someone's eyes, then it's awful! It's both about large sums of money, not only for the failed tattoo but also the total cost of going to someone else who has to fix the shit. And above all, it's about a person's face!

    Screenshot 2016-05-25 10.15.46

    This picture is my eyebrows that Annika tattooed 2 years ago.

    Nowadays, I always put our watermark on our photos, but those that were published before September last year go in a second for someone to twist and use to make money on someone else's job.


    And here's a brow pick I've done too.

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    I do not say that the salon Hår O Nagel are bad at what they do, because I have no idea which pictures on their website are theirs and not.

    And a little bad conscience I can not raw to get when I spread their page so openly, but I care more about you who could possibly be deceived and have your face destroyed by someone who is irresponsible and in fact even illegal. It is both a violation of the copyright law to twist images, and is guaranteed to violate any law regarding false marketing (which, however, I am not so well read about).

    Anyway, you should go to any other salon than us, look at their pictures with a critical eye. It is usually quite easy to see if a person publishes real pictures or not if you have it in the back of your mind, e.g. if all photos appear to be taken with different cameras, edits, ways to make collages, write before and after on the photos, etc.

    Hugs are ♥

    Update: We called the salon and have received an apology, and they will remove all pictures that are not theirs. But I leave the post here so you can know how common it is for people to use other people's pictures without knowing it's illegal. Can also emphasize that this is not the first time Annika's tattoo images are used by other salons, and there are certainly more who still use them. Feel free to tip if you see our pictures somewhere :)

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    Helena Amileyhttps://www.imakeyousmile.se
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Fyfan, Sannakliniken and Kroppkliniken in Karlstad also steal pictures for their social media. BUT mixes them with pictures of their own, DISASTERAL works. It's embarrassing to check out their facebook / instagram. Hope people see through it.
      Now that cosmetic tattoos have also become so big, there should be forums where you can give ratings and tell each other about salons.

      • Fyy went in and checked and found one of my pictures at Sannakliniken, that they are not ashamed! Saw that Helen Torsgården commented on one of their pictures as well (which is one of her) that they would remove it, but they had not done so. There really should be a permanent makeup forum! :) You get to start one! :)

    2. It was I who sent the email to you, I got so angry when I saw the post so I felt that you must know. That says a lot about how good they are in cases where they can not even show their own work but snag other people's pictures instead. Cheers is !! : *

    3. Ugh for such rogue salons. I saw that your review of Hair O Nail has been removed now and all the pictures they stole from Creative Makeup by her as well. Hope they apologize to you for the image theft and stop their fake marketing and that it is not about them wanting to hide that they are stealing images and taking credit for the work of others.

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