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    It was now a few weeks since my sister Mia got to be a guinea pig for the newly launched gel polish Amberlaque, because I had just fixed my nails at the salon.

    You can read the previous post here!

    "It went damn well" she answered when I asked how it went :)

    At first I thought you would have a specific remover, which I did not have. But when I then read more carefully, I realized that you remove the varnish with a regular remover, which you just hold extra long against the nail. Of course, I forgot to inform my sister about this, so we have not tested it yet.

    But it was easy to pull it off without any problems, she said, so kind of scrape it off. I used to do that with Depends Gellack as well, but you have to be careful not to ruin the nail, it depends on the quality. Depend was a little easier to pull off without a remover, this was a little harder and did not come loose as in a whole piece.

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    In any case, Mia's nails were absolutely beautiful after she received Amberlaque, much better quality than she usually has :)

    What is so good about this varnish is that it is only a one-step varnish. No base coats and top coats that also need to be cured! And they are completely dry when you have them under the lamp, no sticky surface :)

    I have received many questions about whether you can use this varnish under the Depends lamp, and yes why not. Have not tried, but it should be lamp as lamp? Just to have this under for 60 seconds instead of 30.

    These colors are available!

    Before if you entered the code HELENA when you bought the gel polish on Amberbird.se, you got a gift on the purchase. I'm not sure if it's still valid, but if you are going to shop, give it a try! :)

    Hugs are!

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