Use glow highlighter on oily skin?

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    I have written a post about this before, but I was not happy with the pictures (they became too vague) so now I have done this again!

    Just because I have oily skin does not mean that I strive for a completely matte result - the whole glow trend is so heavenly nice!

    But what is the problem with a luminous highlighter on oily skin? And what should you do to get it right? I will explain that in this post :)

    You can easily believe that if you want radiance in the skin and have oily skin, the problem is solved - enjoy your natural glow! But it is not that simple due to these two problems:

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    1. If I consciously let my natural glow come out properly, the base make-up will not last all day, the make-up melts / runs off. The natural shine is oil and nothing washes away makeup (even waterproof makeup) as good as oil! So I must have debilitating products on my skin to get a lasting result, and then the end result is quite dull on the purchase.

    2. If I have a glow highlighter on my skin and it becomes the least shiny naturally, it is highlighted enormously and suddenly I feel like a disco ball! So, it's too little natural glow for me to be happy without highlighter, but oil plus shimmer gets crazy too much.

    In addition, I think that makeup glow is much nicer than an oily and oily skin. On others it can be nice when the skin becomes oily naturally but there is a difference between a fresh glow and that you do not want to touch your face because you smear your hands :)

    Problem solving is a trick I came up with myself! Skip the highlighter in the T-zone, the apple cheeks, the back of the nose and the chin. Like this:

    The high areas of the face are partly the ones that become most oily, but it is also these that the light hits the most = the gloss is emphasized even more.

    Apply highlighter on the cheekbones but not all the way down to the "apple cheeks". At the tip of the nose. On the sides of the chin and forehead but not in the middle. If you want more glow, you can also apply to small areas that do not tend to be so oily, e.g. on the cupid's arch of the lips, under the eyebrow and in the corner of the eye.

    Keep matte on the apple cheeks, the middle of the chin, the middle of the forehead and along the entire back of the nose.

    Here you see before and after where I applied in this way!

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    The result is a make-up that 1. lasts all day 2. has a nice glow immediately when I finish makeup and 3. when I start to get naturally shiny, I still do not see a disco ball when I look in the mirror.

    The highlighter that I use in this post is in my web shop and is called Pixi Glow-Y-Powder and it is very effective so you need very little and even if you powder during the day, the luster still shines through.

    Satisfied! :)

    Hope you liked the post and that the tips were helpful!

    Hug ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


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