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One thing that has become a bad habit since I started getting home a lot of press releases, is that I often test the products first and read about them later. If you get e.g. a shower cream or similar, you know how it works as well :)

But sometimes you get an aha-experience when you read the description, sometimes for good and sometimes for evil, and this time it was very positive actually because otherwise I would have wondered if the result was imagination or not, but now I know it is not the!

I have in fact received a news item from Vishy - their new deodorant Vishy Beauty Deo which should give "more beautiful armpits" which would have made me a little skeptical if I had read before I tested. It was launched in February, costs SEK 119 and is available for purchase at various pharmacies.


Since I started using it, I have reacted to how extremely smooth and "freshly shaved" armpits I have all the time, and how often do you feel them as well? I have partly thought that Miska has changed the blade on my razor without saying so, so that it has been shaved closer to the skin. And I have also thought about the idea "have I shaved on the go on pure routine and forgotten that I have done it ??”.

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I shave under my arms regularly but get stubble incredibly fast, so I am still used to almost always having rough armpits even if the stump is not so visible. And as soft as I have now, I hardly have it when they are freshly shaved!

But now when I was going to blog about deon, I read about it, and the first sentence in the press release was "Contributes to smoother armpits with less visible hair" haha! There we have the answer!

I shaved yesterday morning, which is 1½ days ago, and then I actually usually have a pretty clear stump already. But now it feels completely smooth! And I'm odorless too :) I stood in front of the mirror and looked at my armpits, you can see that it's a bit stubborn but it does not feel! Only if you pull up the arm a lot so that the skin is stretched. But if I just lift my arm a little, it feels completely freshly shaved!

I do not understand exactly what it is in the deon that does this, but here is the description:
BEAUTY DEO is formulated to give smoother and more beautiful armpits with less visible hair. LHATM is applied for a gentle exfoliation of the skin's surface. The result is a smoother, softer and smoother skin that also facilitates close hair removal. In addition, pearl pigment is also added to give the skin a more beautiful glow and smoother skin tone.


In other words, I'm giving two big thumbs up for this one! It keeps everything it promises!

* It smells fresh
* It penetrates quickly into the skin without feeling sticky
* It makes the armpits very smooth and soft despite the stump
* It also keeps the smell of sweat away, which is the most important thing!

Highly recommended! ♥

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Helena Amiley
I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


  1. So, how do you KNOW that everything in this is harmless to the body? By the way, do you know that the aluminum in ordinary deodorants goes straight into the mammary glands?

  2. As a vegetarian, I am skeptical of products with pearl luster as it usually means crushed mussels / oysters. Feels so unnecessary. Otherwise, cool that it works as promised. :)

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